Stress About Moneys

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This is the first time since we moved out with no other financial players that we’re short a couple hundred for all of our bills. Some stuff can be pushed off until later, but all that is going to do is put extra weight on
the future. I’ve been happy that we have been able to drop our food budget down from 120-150 for two weeks to 80 for two weeks and still cover everything. This week, to cover everything, I would need to drop gas for two weeks from 60 to 30, which I think we can do. I would also need to drop food from 120 we had last week to 50. That is keeping the excess from last pay period instead of putting it in savings.

Savings, by the way, is about as low as I ever want to see it. If we have to replace 2 tires, we’ll have to use credit. It was high enough a week ago to cover it, but dookie-happens took 90 from it.

I’ve been making more book sales than I expected, so ideally I can sell ten or so of the digital or twenty or so of the signed books and not be eating ramen noodles for two weeks. I’ve learned not to hold my breath, though.

I have my hat in the ring in several temp agencies for the hours of 4-11am. I know it’s a terrible schedule to find work for. But that’s the only availability I have for hours. So it’s what I have to work with. And even then, that’s assuming I can sneak sleep in, if I do get those exact hours, between the usual time baby hopefully goes to bed at 9pm to maybe 3am, or 2am, depending on how far the drive is and how much I have to do to get ready.

I had been doing Uber during some of those hours, and some hours while Beth had days off. The problem there is, the hours in the morning I rarely made more than 40 bucks over 4 hours. Take gas out, you’re down to 25 bucks. That’s not taxed, either. So as you can imagine, I really never want to drive uber. All it’s going to do is nail us harder and harder in next year’s tax return. I’m not remotely interested in that.

I really need to suck it up and try to find a stocking job during those hours. I suspect that is a shift that can work with those hours. Plus I know I’m good at stocking.

Whatever. I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now.

Interested to see what information comes up on the true motivation behind what happened in Dallas. I put ten bucks on conservatives trying to mud up BLM.

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