Frustration on Frustration

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It’s not too much of a coincidence that this post is in the same theme as the last because it’s all I’ve been able to really think about the last several weeks.

Today I had an interview. Yesterday I had an interview. I’ve had lots of interviews. I already got shot down this-morning from the position I interviewed for yesterday, and I respect that. Better to know than be sitting around wondering what in the world.

The interview today, I wasn’t sure when it was. I wrote down 10 but I am reasonably certain a minute measure after that was mentioned. But I showed up at 10 anyway. When I got there, the service desk was packed. At least six or seven (groups of) customers. One worker at the desk. So I found the first employee who looked like they were wandering around.

He took me to the service desk and was back there talking off and on to the person working the desk and doing other things back there. Then he lead me to an employee area entrance and asked me to wait. He disappeared for a few minutes. When he re-emerged he said he told her and she would be down to get me momentarily. This was about 10:03.

10:16, an employee asked me if I was alright and I said was told I was here and they said ok and walked off. Again by a different employee about 10:20. I wasn’t sure what time it was so I figured it could very well be 10:30 or 10:45 and she was going to get me when she had a chance that may very well not be until the scheduled interview.

So, 10:55 I call (service desk was still busy at the time, didn’t want to bother them.) I called because I know service desk is far from the only person at a store with the setup of to answer phones. And, sure enough, the lady at the service desk didn’t answer the phone.

Got through to . She said she was coming down to get me.

“If you had gone to service desk, she would have called me,” said.

“The person I talked to did stop at the service desk before bringing me here and going in to make sure you knew. I was told you were notified,” I responded. (paraphrasing, was so irritated she said that my memory became fuzzy.)

“If you had talked to her, she would have called me directly to tell me,” she said, pointing at the service desk lady.

I started to say something and she interrupted me and said no she would have told me. So I just shut my mouth because all I could think to say was “Sorry I didn’t know the magical secret procedure to summon you.”

Thankfully I didn’t have to interview with her.

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