Elections 2016

I tried watching the VP debate this morning. I made it half way through. I expected Pence to be the biggest clown of the two cancer following clowns. I was wrong. When Kaine said “now we’re even!” regarding pence being reprimanded for interrupting, I laughed. No, Kaine, for Pence to be even, he would have had to interrupted you however many dozen times you interrupted him. Head from Ass remover, aisle Debates.

If I had to call a winner and a loser in that debate, I would start with loser. The loser is clearly America. We lose. Winner? Pence, probably. He held his composure better, and told his lies with the straightest face. But they’re both cancer, standing behind bigger cancer.

I only made it half way through the Presidential Debates, too. Who was the winner in that one? The guy moderating. He won that. He seemed the most composed, he did the best job. The other two were fucktards and lied with gusto. They made me cringe multiple times each.

Now, for those of you wondering why I hate both candidates when those are our choices? No, those are not our only choices. And if you’re thinking a vote for _____ is every bit as good as a vote for _____” know thatif I could I would reach through the screen and pop you right in the mouth.

A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump.
A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary.
A vote for Stein is a vote for Stein.
A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson.

The electoral college does not alter your votes. Your votes are still applied to who you voted for. If you write in, in a state that doesn’t allow it, it will not get counted. That’s the end of that. It doesn’t magically get moved into whatever arbitrary column based on the last person you heard tell you a vote for the cookie monster is a vote for Trump. or a vote for the flying spaghetti monster is a vote for clinton. that’s not how it works. You vote for somebody and that vote goes to them, or it doesn’t stick because of whatever laws for your area.

The electoral college casts their own votes based on whatever the fuck they want. They’re supposed to go off of their constituents at the time of their casting, to the best of their knowledge. But through various digging, there are plenty of cases where they do what they want. Sure, not in huge margins, but definitely in election altering margins.

So, vote for who you want. Vote for who you like. Vote for who you think is the best. Even if it’s vermin supreme. Can’t vote for Deez Nuts, he’s not old enough.

Here’s an example of conscience. I voted for Obama. Twice. I’ll admit it. And I stand by it. He was less destructive (though absolutely destructive.) I knew he was a left leaning republican. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. He supported NAFTA. That was a republican baby. This government is run by corporations, and he’s always been in their pocket. The way corporate entities act has historically been the conservative side of things allowing it. Thus my using the republican tag as currently the most conservative bunch rest over on the republican side of things.

Now, every time Obama did something fucking stupid, I felt guilty about it. Why? I threw a vote in his column. I’m partially responsible. Without votes, he doesn’t win. Period. When he did the republican shit right after getting in office (doubling nuclear spending, signing through the second big bailout) – that was on me and everyone else who voted for him.

I’ll tell you who it wasn’t on. It wasn’t on anyone who voted for ron paul. It wasn’t on anyone who voted for McCain or Romney. It wasn’t on anyone who still wrote in Clinton or anybody else. It was on me and everyone who actually voted for him.

Now, some people out there might be saying BUT THERE IS FRAUD. Sure. This is accurate. There will always be fraud as long as humans are involved with it. That’s not going to change. As long as we don’t have a way to check that our votes were applied properly, during and after the fact (which is absolutely, easily possible) – that’s always going to be the case. But even with that, the system is not designed for votes to be moved around. The system is, you vote for who you want. The person with the most votes (in presidential case, electoral) wins. Period.

So next time you blurt out “a vote for Johnson is as good as a vote for Clinton,” or “A vote for Stein is as good as a vote for Trump,” know that hundreds of thousands of us are having mental ticks, and wishing we could upper cut you for repeating nonsense that hurts more than it helps. It hurts us, it hurts you, it helps nothing. Fuck you right in the mouth for repeatedly saying it – and not once have I seen it where I went down their visible feed, have I not seen it said by them multiple other times.

Now, for the vote check system I eluded to earlier, here’s how it is absolutely, easily possible.

1) all votes end up in an electronic system with a web view (PC or Cell, either way.)
2) as always, you have your account set up before hand or have the ability to do so (with your SS# as your key, as well as some other bullet points possible to be able to verify your identity.)
3) you log in from any internet connection on election day (which needs to be a holiday. quit fucking around.) – and you vote.
4) you receive a random code. if you are voting in person somewhere and someone else is inputting it for you, you receive a printout with this code. also, if you mail in a ballot, you are mailed back a code (or emailed if you have that set up, or called, whatever you choose.)
5) as the election happens and votes come in, the web interface is updated with the votes cast (along with totals.)
6) a 100% complete accounting of all votes is view-able by everybody, everywhere. still a secret ballot, because nobody will have their names listed, only their codes they were given after voting. this way, we can all look and verify our votes were applied to who we intended to vote for.
7) once your vote is on the final list, everybody has the option (and i would argue, the responsibility) to confirm that was their vote, thus placing a green checkmark in the column next to it.

not. hard.

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