Stays the Same

I’ve been pondering off and on for years. How do I present my everything? My writing, my music, my art of various forms. Some people have voiced appreciation for the totally open dumping of everything personal. Others have voiced concern, stating it’s no way to be a salesman. I just don’t know. I’ve been an open book my whole life.

Over the last week I dumped a few dozen hours in a few different “website builder” modules. The results ranged from unsatisfactory to just “what the fuck is this nonsense shitty website builder? nice try but shitty shitty McShitty.” After all of that, I looked back on what is here for the first time in almost 100 hours of working on website related things. The infrastructure is already here and it’s pretty well in motion.  There is a lot that I could and should post about various projects.

Here is a list of things in varying stages of movement forward:



A full length album is under development. Along with a second one, conceptually.

INFINITE MACHINE is under development. This will be Vent 8.
GOD IS VOID is dead, I will write a long post about the life and death of this project.
FOUR NEOPLATONIST HIEROGLYPHS is under development. Not sure if will be Vent 9, or will be released in 4 parts as 9-12.
REPETITIVE is under development and will be a full album under the Zero numbering system.
CAN’T SEE OUT ANYMORE is an album I’ve been putting very specific things into, probably ending up a future vent.

There is a secret page stashed in an unlinked location full of the “mixtapes” I’ve made. This has been expanded a lot more than I ever imagined it would be after the first “mixtape” I made called Livid. Livid, I believe, is fairly easy to find.



HUMAN BLOOD: I have started work on this trilogy of novels. I had a rough draft of the first book that was 46 pages. I started rewriting it, not including the several times larger amount of things that weren’t in the draft. The first four words, being detailed out to match what was in my head, turned into over 70 words. That scared me off. But after my first novel was under my belt, I knew this one would come back to the table eventually.

DESCENT TRILOGY: The second book is underway. The third book I didn’t even have in my head when writing the first one, is blowing into my head.

KRINKET: What was a various number of projects coalesced into one book. It’ll just be a huge memory dump of my entire life as best I can remember it, all the way up until I die. Probably will never be released.

SCOPE: a book about the sniper that sparked the civil war in the PONDIVERSE Descent takes place in.

INHERIT: a fantasy novel involving a man and his friend investigating a property.

LACERATION: a book that started off as me venting into a text file, and I just kept adding to it. It’s a lot more fun to write than I think it probably should be. Might not even be legal to release, honestly.



I should just take pictures of the weird thing I’m working on now. I’ll just put it like this, I made a bunch of cardboard panels connected with thin cardboard panels and I’m fucking making a mockery of whatever the fuck I think I’m doing with painting, on those panels.



I sure love photography but I really don’t know what if anything I’m going to do with the many thousands of pictures I already have.  There have been a few websites and subsites that have come and gone that I don’t even think I linked to anything. Just haven’t been remotely happy with anything I’ve tried with them. I think the problem is there are seriously thousands of pictures I can’t really choose between for use for whatever the hell. I don’t even know. I don’t know.

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