The Gift

Beth was throwing up and hershey squirting while she was in Omaha. Lily was puking a lot for a couple days when she came back from Omaha.  I lasted a good week without catching anything from them.  Then, Lily loves me, it’s so sweet.  But we were sleeping on the couch and she decided to use my head as a pillow.  So I woke up to find her cheek on mine and her face the same direction as mine and I had a feeling I was screwed.

Cut to two days later, my sinuses start going crazy. I felt weak at work and I wasn’t sure if it was sinuses or what. Then Beth wanted PETE’S FISH AND CHIPS, which is delicious, and very shortly after eating it I felt terrible. I was blaming that, but Beth and Lily had absolute zero signs of anything, and we all ate the exact same stuff.

By 3am, I was pretty certain it wasn’t food poisoning. It’s 24 hours later and I still have a 100-102 fever, depending on how long since I took aspirin. Plus it started pretty hard within 45 minutes of finishing eating. So I’m comfortable with the groundwork already having been there to start destroying the food down to the nightmare that followed.

About the 3am hour I started drinking this awesome juice flavoring added water I’ve been in love with for the last several months. I was crazy thirsty after throwing up and blowing liquid into the pooper. Then, the next time I puked, it tasted a whole lot better. I think it was a win win. This cycle continued well into the morning. 

Loving this entry? I’ll change the subject.  So, I picked this up:


He came up out of between those last 2 bushes, out of the rain drain. I’m disappointed the camera didn’t catch him coming over the wall, or from the rocks behind, or wherever he came from. 


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