No Thank You

I love the idea of starting a blog again. I just don’t like the idea of shitting up the pondbrain feed with it.  So I’ll update this post with a link to my blog.


Just as soon as I make it.

here it is.  don’t be surprised how shitty the content is.

also, it’s partly in character as MC G.F.Y. and partially blog of my day to day.  so I mean ….. don’t take anything personally. ILY.

EDIT 2018.12.30 . naw fuck that, I’m going to use M.C. GO FUCK YOURSELF exclusively for that shit.  though I don’t know why I slapped it on MCGFY, here is where i’m going to blog.  Want to make like 90 pieces on here to bury this post so nobody finds this blog, but here. Actually I know why.  I slapped it on MCGFY to force me to keep it and do stuff with it. It’ll be fun. I promise.

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