I read through stuff I wrote long ago
I see I still had hope back in those days
Now that hope is a pin on a penny
A hundred thousand miles away
The only thing that resembles hope
Is the dreams of the end of humanity
Because we’re not worth spending energy
Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything left
In humanity, within myself, or in the future
That could be worth a single fucking thing
From within my animated corpse I stare
Seeing the outer walls move everywhere
As I numbly seem to float midair
Evils around me are millionaires
Nature isn’t supposed to be fair
This is causing my mind to tear

The soul died recently
The heart died long ago
And my mind is scared it’s next
As I blankly stare at my body
Moving about through the world

My Eyes

I look into my eyes
on an infant’s face
and feel darkness
ahead of both of us

I see her sleep
and see the future
crying and heartbreak

The earth in decline
as she ascends
in age and intellect
towards the end

A growing bubble
of disdain and rage
primed by separation
will eventually pop

My greatest job
is to prepare her
to stand up
and live through it


sunday morning
wednesday evening
every day at noon
control your thoughts
manage your actions
everything you do

point a
point b
point c
point d
all you do
it comes to me

you browse
you chat
you talk
you walk
every movement
comes to me

you make too much
we raise the tax
we raise the rates
all to the max

we have control
beyond the top
the horizon
we cant stop

we can control
you will enroll

heart mind body soul
everything we do control
all the news
all events
points of view
air you breathe
food you eat
what you think
all you drink
in your blood
comes from me

i am
the eye of everything


i am the agent
of loss and destruction
and my sights rest on you
i am a terror
tugging on your soul
and i weigh more day by day by day

i am your lord
known as allah
known as satan
known as god
known as the earth and the sun and the moon
i am everything that ever has
all that is
and anything that ever will be worshiped

my shadow is a black hole
and it has infinite pull
i came to remind everyone
you are all my toys

you are nothing
and worth even less
soon to be erased
i am us who are
and we are everywhere
beside you when you hide

i leave no wake
incinerating all i pass through
i dont need to take anything
because the universe is mine

i burn down forests
when frustrated
i tear down civilizations
when angry
and im entering your galaxy


touch your god
do it
reach out
feel the breeze
is that your god?
where is he?
do you praise air moved by pressure?
is your god space?
an endless vacuum?
can your god fill that void?
or is god the void itself?
the void in a criminals heart?
a murdering hateful rapist
is your god with them?
does he not love all?
touch the void
touch your god
do it if you can
but if you cant
shut the fuck up


you work so hard
you earn so much
so many friends
so deeply loved

an awesome car
a lovely church
a gorgeous house
all modes of rich

designer clothes
custom interior
life assistant
personal trainer

a perfect family
in a top neighborhood
we feel amazing

inside their bubble
perception is reality
for the tiniest percentage

think happy
live happy
be happy
die alone

all the goods
all those friends
all gods love
die alone


to obtain facts
is to scour all sources
it is not to trust a singular
not to believe unconditionally

to compare notes
the aim for group correctness
to confirm hypothesis
to help find falsehoods

to be wrong
is to understand misconceptions
it is needed to reconfirm facts
when doubts are presented

to try and always evolve
so inwardly and outwardly all keep advancing
so nothing is locked in concrete
stay fluid
to avoid getting locked in falsehood

observe those around you
note all who know
who cant prove, site sources, show logic
remember not to become

never be afraid to be wrong
never lose the drive for education
never stop challenging yourself
never stop challenging your peers


you believe
they yell the opposite
but do not silence
stand tall
speak clearly
and loud enough for all to hear
and do not fear
land of the free
say what you need
get on your feet
dont be afraid
you can disagree
you might be wrong
but youll never know
if you dont compare notes
so educate yourself
and open broad discussion
stick to the facts
as you have discovered them
and dont cut down their person
but focus on their clashing details
and tear them down individually
ask for sources of conflicting facts
and verify as soon as possible
always evolve
failure to evolve is the ultimate failure
for any cause you believe in
no one is complete
not you
not me
so we must always question others
especially ourselves
if we want to make things better


the hopeful ones
who tried so long
who thought this out
we all were wrong

we all fell down
and brought this on
our targets kings
but all were pawns

we took down all
each piece we knew
but underneath
a nation grew

one thousand men
stood as a front
what sat untold
we would confront

we stabbed through flesh
to meet cold steel
all that we knew
just wasnt real

we squashed a gnat
pissed off a bee
which killed us all
enslaved the free

now we lay
among the dead
the hope now lost
our blood now shed

armies in the streets
bodies line ditches
bodies long erased
freedom in stitches

for all we tried
we made it worse
we moved so fast
we werent dispersed

the things we did
took out the beast
we did not know
what theyd release

a planet alone
no place to call home
will this last forever?
a shattered earth
but all its worth
should we try again?


the word
these writings translated
from the translations
of the rewritings
of the recollections
of those who were there

the explanations
of how they know
in their heart
the truth of god

information from the tv
from the pulpit
the many branches of many trees
rooted from a version

our father
who art in fiction
written in a lost language
we follow you
do as you say
right now as we will forever
we will not question
but we will repeat
and we will curse those who do not agree
we have faith in your everywhere
you are everything