Untitled: I Wanna Grow Up to Be Just Like You

I wanna grow up to be just like you
Seeing parts of me in all the things you do

Heart of an American
Spirit of an eagle
Mind of a madman
The will to run the people
And I’m closing in

You’ll let me have control
They’ll watch me play my roll
Believe all the lies I show
Love my self destructive toll
And I will forever leave my mark

I’ve torn apart my insides
Alcohol ripped out my stomach
Drugs destroyed my lungs and veins
And I don’t want you to feel this pain

I wanna grow up just like you
Perfect hateful sanctity
Fucked up bleeding just like me
Our perfect lives will never be
We’ve got nothing else that we can do

The fans will have the say
They all will make it clear
Will I stay away
Or will I be right here

Motion in January

January of 2015 has seen a lot of various life spark on multiple fronts for Pondbrain.  And I think I’m discovering it’s better for me to put everything under the header of Pondbrain rather than Symphony of Noise.  This way, Symphony of Noise can be it’s own thing regarding the audio side of my world.

Textual Reverence is the subset of Pondbrain where the text will live.  Everything from Poetry to Short Stories and Novels.  I already have one novel I want to complete as soon as possible so I can get focused on other things, including the next novel.  Will that be a sequel or a new story line all together?  I don’t know.  Poetry comes easy for me and there’s a lot of it in form of song lyrics or other forms floating around and unpublished. Mainly thought trials for album versions that were discarded long ago.

I do know I need to get a form of Textual Reverence online as soon as possible that is easy to add to without a fuckload of HTML work for every single post.  That’s where this format comes in.  Hopefully the format can be overlooked and the content is focused on.  Either way, I’m giving up on the heavy handed side of doing the background work myself and going to see how this goes for the fruits in front of it.