Nothing alive on the surface
The ground is black and dry
My footprints forever behind me
No methods left to try

I sit beneath the overhang
The mountain tall and wide
I see no plants, no animals, no life
I’ve long since lost my stride

I eat the dirt and chew on rock
My shit crushes everything
I walk and swim everywhere
I’m down to try anything

My body destroyed long ago
My memory never existed
My heart a bloodless hole
In the end I never resisted

I check the planted seeds
Retracing where I’ve been
Just dried out crusted ash
The world will always spin

I stand staring blankly
My footprints all around
I take a seed and push it in
Just then I hear a sound

The seed takes root inside of me
The hole which was my heart
It stretches into all of me
It’s pulling me apart

My body falls onto the ground
The roots now mix me in
The last of blood now twisting through
The future shall begin