Big Thanks to Lilyantris / Lilyanntriss for donating 7,500g for the 5th and 6th tabs


What happened to <Isolationist>?
We're a Social Guild. We also embrace Profanity.  It's not a very good guild name to have with those parameters.  So we've moved over to this guild.  Colorful Metaphor you must admit is a far more appropriate name for a social and profane guild.

What about people left back in Isolationist?
There now are not any people left in that guild.  The only people there are an alt of Ponderance's and an alt of Baijou's for access to the 6 tab bank if anyone needs anything in/out of it.


2009.12.08 . One of the toons which left with Ponderance took a section of the items he had placed in the guild bank along with a large section of the gold placed in the bank. A good amount of items and gold Ponderance put in were left for the use of remaining guildies.
2009.12.02 . Most relevant toons of Ponderance's xfer off server.  Peace Undermine.  Pull out of this funk, guys. <3
2009.12.01 . Main page updated slightly.
2009.11.22 . Baijou is the new Guild Leader! Grats Baijou!
2009.11.22 . Ponderance departs.  View write up here.
2009.11.15 . rules page updated to have 2 pages, the mini menu navigates between the Rules of Conduct and Guild Vault rules.