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What could you possibly have against S.E.O.

S.E.O. used to be the following, overall:
1) Provide quality, frequent content that will attract repeat visitors.
2) Have links from trusted, heavily trafficked sites firing back to your stuff.

These days, the cancer has gone to the lymph nodes.
A) Automated rewriting of articles and posting them all over (often not making sense to human readers.)
B) Automated spamming of links to your stuff across literally thousands of posts to many hundreds of sites.
C) Automated retagging across social networks of fully unrelated things to match the tags of top 10 current ranking articles / videos / etc.
D) Use of bots on social network sites to drive clicks to the sites.

Unfortunately, every time google finds ways to cut them out of the way they rank things, the cancer finds new and horrible ways to further crap up the internet in their benefit.


But that is called "Blackhat." It is different than S.E.O.

That's true enough. But, being that it's a type of S.E.O. I feel this is the most applicable and widely known term to slap in a small image. I'm sure a lot of people reading this have come across multiple reworded articles that make little to no sense. Now, some of you who may be reading this for the first time may start to understand when you think back on confusing postings. Or you may see them from now on and understand why they even exist.


Is that all?

No. If you love what you see or hear and know even just one person who would enjoy it too - pass it on. I'm never going to assume that anyone's going to go apeshit and spam everyone on all of their contact lists with anything of mine. In fact, please don't do that. If there's a song you love you know a buddy would love, toss it over. If you blog a lot and happen to be listening to or have just read something I've written, mention it. Little stuff like that. It adds up, and is greatly appreciated.

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So you're saying you never have?

Honestly, I fucked with the free backlinks generation shit for a couple days out of curiosity. I've never spun articles. I don't have a ton of high PR websites with countless blog posts aiming back at my shit. But that is what I have done, and felt shitty about it immediately. So perhaps "no MORE seo, guaranteed" should be shown. But fuck that.