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19:25 . July 1 . 2020

I'm obviously not able or interested in keeping up on all the updates.  this aeonaxx change happened in 8.1 and it's 8.5 and I just now heard about it.  Luckily, there are people currently on the case.


many of you probably know about this already.  go check out their shit.  i'm happy enough i've helped literally thousands of people get their mounts, using information that was good (and verified) for the end of wrath through WoD. I helped over 100 get their TLPD hands on, over 20 get aeonaxx, around a dozen each on poseidus and camel.  so I need to remind myself I have nothing to feel shitty about regarding failure. 

I can't stress enough that I'm seriously overjoyed that people are doing the secret finding discord.  what I saw during figuring out hive mind, made me so happy.  I felt so alone trying to figure out tlpd in a sea of people all over the internet from wow mounts, to thottbot to wowhead, people who just knew what they knew and weren't listening to anything, back when there were a ton of TLPD spawn spots people believed that were never real. 

Now there are people doing the damn thing, and doing it right.  It's awesome as fuck.  SO, again - .. check their work out.  I kind of regret not being involved but I've done my part <3

love you guys.


16:58 . November 27 . 2022

Hello there.  I'm still around.   Look on as mentioned below to see where you can find me in WoW. Here's a tip I'm editing into shit:

so, if you accidentally kill it in a way where it lands in a wall and you can't loot it - try pulling a mob over if you can, and kill it so you can reach with AOE looting.  fucking pro tip from Adagio-Dalaran. Hero shit, right there.

Also, regarding Aeonaxx, not only did it go from an event to just aggro, but they moved spawn spots too.  Some a little bit, some rather a lot. I will probably end up redoing TLPDresource and Aeonaxxresource eventually.  Though TLPDdaddy I argue is the best guide you need for TLPD right now.  Don't really need 90 million other pieces of information that aren't really relevant, that other guides (including my TLPDresource guide) has...


04:15 . September 05 . 2022

Hi.  New TLPD guide.  New website for it.  Yeah, it's like that.

TLPD Daddy.  Yep.  It's explained on the site.  Enjoy.  Don't take it too seriously.  Life is fun.


17:14 . August 26 . 2022

1) get the addon npctime. (link to curseforge page)

(obviously version number and last update will be newer, as time passes beyond this post)

2) after turning on, type "/npctime layer" and make sure the response is "show layer id."  if it's "hide layer id" type it again.  layer id = unique id for the instance of the zone you're in. this solves the "wtf instance/shard/zone version are we ACTUALLY in?" - beyond normal wmon, normal wmoff, chromie wmon, chromie wmoff.

3) ???

4) profit.


Hello there.  I've been tweeting stuff I find on this pondbrain twitter account.  but that's not what this post was triggered for. 

NPCTIME.  /npctime.  the addon, npctime.  npc time. BIG FUCKING PROPS to Huntalari-Gul'dan who told me about this when I was doing one of my passes through storm peaks to see who was where.  why do i still do this?  i don't know.  pick the brain malfunction and blame it on that.

so, npctime.  this person was talking about npc time and how they keep track of an instance id and how they were watching an npc, blue drake specifically above brunnhildar, and i was so confused like ........ i mean.... what?  what the hell?  are you talking about?  hahahah.  it seriously made no sense to me.  then they told me about npctime.  i was super, super skeptical.  combination of talking to literally hundreds of people about this, addon developers, bunch of players, trying to figure out how to overcome this crz issue where we wanted to figure out a way to track instance id or anything, any way to find a trackable variable that could identify which version of storm peaks we were in, specifically. 

So.  Here we are.  The following 5 images in order are 1) normal WMoff (3133-17), 2) normal WMon (3133-31), 3) Chormie time WMon (3133-568), 4) Chromie time WMoff (3023-16248), 5) back to normal WMoff (3133-17).  i had put a mark on the npc i chose, assuming it would live until i returned.  it did. 

(just noticed chat window contents are visible, no big, too apathetic to edit any of that out <3 )

take note of the information in the tool tip on the bottom right.  or, whatever that is, the information window of npctime.  specifically "layer" and "ID" - layer being essentially which instance ID / shard ID / version of storm peaks ID you're in.  (or whatever zone. zone ID) - and ID being the spawned mob type.  the same id can be on 20 identical mobs, but check out alive time.  Huntalari-Gul'dan explains that they tested this by killing lower blue drakes and watching their alive time, compared with the alive time of the ones flying high above that they didn't kill, which line up with last server reset. seeming that those haven't been killed since they spawned, and confirming the instance hasn't reset since the servers reset.  this appears to be able to absolutely solve the issue where the only way we could get an idea if we were in fact in the same instance/version/shard/phase of the zone, was to watch the IP.  and even then we were skeptical that it would always be a different IP, as one machine should be able to host a ton of different instances on it. 

This tool also seems to have been able to catch zones resetting without the server resetting.  This was observed on an RPG server, based on the uptime of everything in the zone being about equal to the moment they entered it again after being gone for a time. I've never been able to confirm the theory that the zones shut off if nobody is in them, but restart when people enter.  but with this tool, seems an easier thing to test.

note: apologies to everyone about how skeptical i am, past present and future.  i want to be 100%, or more if I can, absolutely sure something is real before forwarding it to other people.  wowhead is bad and it should feel bad, on heavy detailed stuff like this.  i don't want to add to the noise.  besides my incessant infinitely long winded typing/talking. lulz.


23:36 . July 23 . 2022

Hello, this one is for the group I was in last night.  Vyra spawned for them unfortunately.  However, here's the cat picture I finally found long after vyra spawned.  Meet Shade.  She clearly doesn't like this hat.  hahahaha.

15:25 . July 17 . 2022

There was a conversation in general during the buzz of a TLPD kill, where people were discussing pros and cons of grouping.  Granted, if it is pulled off correctly, all 5 people in a party can get a tlpd.  and worst case scenario, somebody snipes and people just keep camping and don't get it anyway.  I will always advocate for people to work together.  That's why I go out there still from time to time and help people group up, offer information if asked, help people find the spawn spots, etc.  And I'm pretty used to people giving questionable advice, and attacking me when I point out the flaw in their advice. I guess a website where I use the little ability I have to help people gain information, and the tiny bit of punishment i can dish out when people are absurdly rude....  Cringe.  lol.  Cool.  I understand the WoW community has become a cesspool, when you venture out from your bubble.  I started noticing it rather sharply taking the turn in MoP.  But I again argue, better to try and work with people and network, than run it alone and snipe people wherever you can. 

p.s. to be mistaken and think this website is just talking trash to people is typically narrow sighted.  Look around.  That's clearly not what this is.  You can do better, Juiitoo-Zul'jin :D


22:11 . July 10 . 2022

I seriously don't understand why people have to be a dick?  Just be cool while you're camping.  You might annoy a lifer into intentionally killing whatever spawns next in front of you.


18:06 . January 8 . 2021

I was pointed to google results for my name (Ponderance) when you put in Time-Lost Proto-Drake or TLPD, or Aeonaxx.  A guildie was talking about TLPD and I started asking questions in whispers.  And it got to the point I mentioned the website and he wanted to see what the hell I was talking about so he just googled my name and some stuff.  He told me wow he's talking to some kind of low key wow legend, and to look.  so i spent some time reading through a lot of comments spread around the internet where my shit was referenced, and thanks and praise was given.  It was the most overwhelming warm fuzzy experience I've had in a long, long time.  It's been a big, dark, long stretch for me.  Over the past few years.  So that was very welcome, and I felt the requirement to type this out and give thanks in return.  I figured the secret finding discord was all anybody knew about or went through or talked about anymore.  But I was wrong, and surprised.  Though, the secret finding discord started and has huge accomplishments, long after even cataclysm, so I guess that makes sense.  I don't want to start typing paragraphs about my love and admiration for the secret finding discord people, right now.  lol.  but thank you guys again, for the commentary around the interwebs.  <3


17:02 . November 02 . 2020

not sure what this guy was up to lol.  seemed cool. everybody in storm peaks seemed fine at a glance.

don't be this guy.  lol. Sookmahdook-Area52

i doubt this is a macro error, but who the fuck knows? doubt it. rofl.

don't be these scrubs.



02:13 . June 21 . 2020

As of this moment, Falsehopes-Exodar (my main) is now Ponderance-Mal'Ganis. Exodar/Medivh was far, far too dead. Sorry.

Fun fact, the first server I ever played on was Mal'Ganis during Vanilla.  IT'S NOT CLASSIC.  It's fucking Vanilla. I was in Giant Communist Robots.  (later Giant Censored Robots)

I hope all of you are faring well during these crazy times. (well, in the U.S. - most of the rest of the world is faring much better. lol.)



16:29 . Nov 23 . 2019

Uhh, hi.  I uhh, am floating around on Falsehopes-Exodar now.  It's the name Ponderance has become, though I may change it to Emptyhope-Exodar very, very soon. Anyway, hello. If anybody notices out of date stuff that has been changed, always feel free to email me.  I'll be in the MOUNTS group / community in wow, in that chat, from time to time.  Battlenet is still Ponderance#1613 - but I prefer email because I'm a really solo person and don't want to offend anybody constantly turning down joining them for things in game because I don't play with anybody in game, not even my IRL best friends.  I'm fucked up, I know.

yeah, i'm still an opinionated prick. 


11:28 . Jun 06. 2018

It's good to see that the general people I bump into out in Storm Peaks these days are just as terrible as the populace started becoming back in mid MOP. Yesterday the few people I bumped into were scattered around multipath crossings with zero spawn spots camped and they jumped straight to name calling and /ignore.  Today it was two people stacked on brun, both of which were functionally retarded in their own way.  The last several weeks have been much of the same.  It's depressing. 

I mostly keep to myself these days.  Just not into the atmosphere where people essentially jump straight to burning others and doubting anything they hear, regardless of back story and data.  In fact, most blast and /ignore people before anything can even begin to be explained.

I miss the days of meeting people and helping them get TLPD. Seems like it's impossible now.


23:30 . Oct 27 . 2017

There is a discord where a number of people from around the world come to try and figure out new riddles and puzzles, secrets, that are added in WoW. It's a cool thing, and I'm glad people are doing it.

However, they don't know everything.  This website (notsorare) is kept up to date.  Which, a single glance at the news feed would show that.  People who fly around to check storm peaks, trying to claim I'm out of date.  Flying around has always been, and will continue to be, the absolute worst possible way to go after TLPD.  checking for it or not, that is trash. 

If people are just logging in servers and flying around - are you checking what IP you're connected to? If you're not, how do you know what crz you're in? It's not consistent. You can go into the zome 10 times off and on and see multiple CRZ servers. 

I lurked in the discord for a bit and decided I wasn't going to help. I've done my time - and I don't have the patience or liquor to deal with a bunch of egos who, while do some good work themselves, too often talk out of their ass with certainty about things they don't know about. I've spent literal weeks solid in most every patch camping 4/4 spawn spots in storm peaks and 6/6 in deepholm to check for changes.  Please.  Meanwhile I see people all the time who consider themselves hardcore who rely on addons and nothing more, putting a cursor over a spawn and effectively leaving any other routes that would be in view, ignored.  It frustrates me. There are a million ways to automate a targeting macro (and I've always been against automating tagging) to make sure you never miss a spawn.  Think that's cheating?  I argue if they're going to ruin scanning addons - making detection work by any means is fare play.

Some good people in there, for sure.  But there's enough know-it-alls that I just stay away.  I am raising a two year old.  I don't want to deal with adult babies in a chatroom on a regular basis.

Reminds me of wowhead, where people have had 1/900th of the experience and "well i was told this and tried it and got it so i know everything."  Makes me stabby.  Alright I'm done. Now scroll down and learn about CRZ / "timers."  Not enough people are very aware of all of it.

- cry about it if you want. / ponderance#1613

to the other 99.99999% of the wow player base not covered here - love you <3


01:24 . Oct 26 . 2017


Tonight I heard Poseidus has been spawming 4-6 hours after last kill, repeatedly, on all CRZs.  Did a brief search and found others commenting about this on the interwebs - will watch and see if it gets changed back to the world boss timer it used to be on.



10:34 . Aug 28 . 2017

Conversation in Storm Peaks

Hello there. Haven't updated in over 7 months? I guess it makes sense. I've been busier than a nympho with an unlimited budget in a "marital aide" mega-catalog. I was in storm peaks on a level 2 or whatever, just chilling, watching shit. Then this conversation happened.

Spawn Times . . CRZ . .

link link the link link clicky clicky



16:18 . Jan 09 . 2017

regarding CRZ, "last spawn time",
and NPC Scan / Silver Dragon

Thanks to Allimustdie-Hyjal. They pointed out my entry about CRZ / IP Addresses says pretty much nothing. Writing up a detailed piece on that right now. Sorry about that.

Here's the deal. If you're looking for TLPD (or aeonaxx or anything that's a rare spawn in a zone), I'm going to tell you this. Just go camp. Don't bother asking when last vyra or TLPD kill was. Just don't. Here's why:

1) CRZ is not constant. When you go into Storm Peaks or any zone for that matter since even Legion is CRZ at launch, you enter a cross realm zone. That's not like it used to be. It's not "I'm on my server." No. You're not. Nobody sees their own server anymore (unless intentionally and strategically blocking IP addresses, but that's another story.)

You get put in an instance of that zone. Ever see "Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found" when wandering around zones. Yeah. Instances (of the zone) are fucking up. Or, connection to the instance/zone is fucking up on somebody's end. Yours or Blizzards (yes, blizzard's end fucks up too.) With the introduction of CRZ, instances aren't just dungeons, raids, and scenarios anymore. They're zones, too. Even cities are CRZ.

I've been monitoring zones and my IP address while camping before and noticed suddenly the IP address changed and the population jumped a lot. That's why I tell people I'm certain when zones get low, they merge CRZ instances together. So, if you're asking when something died last, the information they give you means nothing at all unless they say what IP they were connected to when they killed it. And even then, I wouldn't be surprised if WoW servers had multiple instances (essentially various versions of storm peaks) running on just one server. So even then, I wouldn't bother (and don't bother with last kill, anymore.)

Also, as is noted variously on this website, all the way back in mid-cata the rare cap in northrend seems to have disappeared. Also, never found any evidence there was a rare cap at all in Cata. Also, as screenshots and various other things show, the minimum spawn time in late cata before CRZ (and no party hopping to switch servers) was as low as 45 minutes. That's right, a tlpd spawned 45 minutes after a vyragosa. And we've seen TLPD to TLPD back to back within an hour, same server, same IP address.

If you want to try to monitor your IP address, you're going to have to google that. Some firewalls like Avast have a panel you can view connections on - where you can see what ports and IP addresses programs are using. Some don't. Some operating systems, like Windows, allows you to run, for example, WIN+R - cmd.exe - then in the command line, type " netstat -n " (no quotes) .. find connections to port 3724. That's wow. There will be two connections to 3724. One is home server, one is world server.

Note, I say google how to see what IP things are connected to, because there are probably all sorts of ways I don't know about even within windows or other things. I just know ways I've used, and can do it very quickly, so haven't looked further. So please don't just think I'm too lazy (well, and don't have time) to sit and make a dozen pages of ways to do it for every firewall and in various ways for each operating system.

Now, to find out which port is your home server, and away server: I have no fucking idea. How I used to do it was, go to org. Write down both numbers. Go out of org to any zone, since they're all CRZ. Run it again, write down the numbers. One changed. The one that changed is your current World Server.

Home Server is where chat and auction house and guild activity and all that takes place (inside your server.) World Server is instance/zone/raid/scenario and all the shit going on around you.

So, there you go. As always, battletag me ponderance#1613 and feel free to tell me I'm full of shit and a troll - because that's all anybody does when they hear anything they don't believe. Which is why it took so many years for me to put this up because that's all I've heard when trying to help essentially anyone in game about crz/ip since late MoP. I don't know what the fuck happened to people.

also, friendly reminder:

You're going to want to always be spamming a macro, for things you can target like TLPD/Aeonaxx/Poseidus. Always. If it's before MoP and doesn't have an icon on the minimap, hopefully you know by now the cache does not work like it used to and expect your addons (all of them.) to miss spawns and mobs around you that don't have the minimap icons. Always spam macros. Always. Even if you think you're watching close enough or have sound set up good enough, find a way to always spam macros.


00:01 . Jan 08 . 2016

BTW - didn't see it in the news feed and I didn't bother to look but here's the deal on CRZ if it's not in the info. I hope it is, one day (probably months or years from now) I'll look at it and see. I am reasonably certain I rambled about it at least a couple times in the videos.

When 2 CRZs get low, they are merged to try keep population elevated. It's not so simple as "it's your battlegroup." or "it's this cluster." CRZ is an instances. So, keeping track of last known spawn on servers / battlegroups / whatever you want, is all fun and games. But if you're not keeping track, or told the IP that it was seen on - you're just making yourself feel better and not getting useful information. 


23:24 . Jan 07 . 2016

tl;dr - don't be an asshole. it only makes your camp last longer.

I'm so sick of going to storm peaks and constantly running into people simply being assholes. I started out telling them about a derp at waterfall. Whatever, bottom line is, here's a snippet of their trolling me, though they claim I was trolling them. I just like helping people, and I can't remember the last time I went out there and met anyone who didn't just snap at me. They said I ignored them for no reason, but they were playing stupid and said "I'm still not following" even when I was trying to explain. So I gave up and /ignored them, as I tend to do when someone is clearly not listening.  Whatever. Having a bad day as it is, and trolls are getting to me.

This is the unedited chat log for posterity.  This is the chat log with related entries left (a little extra.)

Here's all that I'm going to post in the news feed:

2/7 23:28:13.041 To Decent-Garona: you just said frozen lake, on 4 different servers.
2/7 23:28:20.746 Decent-Garona whispers: No... I didn't
2/7 23:28:29.184 Decent-Garona whispers: I said I didn't know WTF you were talking about
2/7 23:28:53.306 Decent-Garona whispers: Welcome to my ignore list
2/7 23:28:58.194 Decent-Garona whispers: Where many idiots join

while she was typing all that I was looking for this to respond to the claim "No... I didn't"

2/7 23:17:51.583 Decent-Garona whispers: I am sitting here on 4 accounts
2/7 23:17:56.293 Decent-Garona whispers: At this location
2/7 23:18:00.772 Decent-Garona whispers: On different battlegroups

If that's not saying "I am sitting at this same spawn spot on 4 accounts" after I said it would be immensely more useful to just camp all 4 on one server ..... maybe I'm the one who doesn't know how to speak english.

BTW - Came back to WoW.  Just don't think I'm going to go into Storm Peaks, Deepholm, Uldum or Water World again.  This is what I come into almost exclusively anymore. Sure, they acted nice in general but dear god, what the fuck?  Seriously.

- removed my btag info, removed Dezorok, was creepy having someone add me and not say anything, logging in and out. could have been connection issue and auto reconnecting but... contact me through not so rare's facebook page if you want my btag.


01:43 . Dec 09 . 2015

My main and main alt account were banned. I'm out. In a position to help? email. otherwise, hey, later.


02:05 . Oct 12 . 2015

So. Heard flying came to WoD. Needed to kill a month until Fallout 4. Blabla, conversation about camels, then wanted to see this nameplate on something not able to be targeted myself. The guy came out with me, then...


Luck of Ponderance still exists, apparently. yeahyeah, that was the first time I logged in that toon since last year. Shit's not pretty, k.



website locations are going away. Not even because I haven't had a donation in a year or two - I don't even play WoW anymore. I'm one of the hundreds of thousands who are deeply disappointed about the fact we're grounded in WoD. What the fuck? I'd rather play GW2 or any number of other far superior MMOs. I'm not even shy about saying it, one of the biggest things I love about WoW is the flying. I don't know if people realize this, but humans can't just jump on something and fly around, wherever they want. So, it's pretty great to be able to in a video game where there's a billion things to do to kill time. Messing around on the ground? No thanks, I can jump in my car and explore around the southwest US. So, I forked out cash for 3 accounts to have 6 months before learning they weren't having flying in WoD. Yeah, I could have known that they weren't if I hovered over all the WoW stuff on the internet. But, I'm busy. Sorry, it wasn't very transparent so I didn't see it. Pretty easy to miss that stick in the haystack. May have been a decently sized stick, but there is a fucking ton of white noise to see it through. So....

.. Anyway.... This may be the last update I do on Notsorare. And it may only be seen from it's new home at It'll still be able to be found via google and shit. So, I mean, whatever.

Way to fuck it up, Blizzard.

14:09 . Nov 30 . 2014

Haven't updated since March 19th? Jesus. Since then:

May: went on a cross country adventure with my friend. Hilights included hiding in a utility shed from the tornado (we didn't know at the time) that was destroying Beaver Crossing just one interstate exit away from us.

June: Started trying to find things to cut out to free up more free time for creative stuff. (including the book i started writing off and on in January.)

July: early this month the wife said she wanted to have a kid, which made what I was working on fleshing out in June cause me to freak out mentally.

August: Off the pill about a month so far after having been on it about 14 years, pregnant already.

September: Writing in the book picked up a lot. Everything after that pretty much busy 24/7. Enough so that apparently I didn't notice I haven't done anything with this site, though I've been working on a total revision that reflects it's really only containing information for four things. I'd also like to investigate those four things to see what changes came in WoD, if any.

I'm interested in looking into some of these new rares, as well. Since WoD has interesting stuff where MoP didn't. No, MoP really didn't. Sorry, but they were very simple.


20:07 . Mar 19 . 2014

Posted the anti-AFK section again.  Going to work it into the reworked How To section for TLPD (and add it to the Aeonaxx page) sooner or later.  What?  Not going to keep it secret and give it out privately anymore?  No.  Anybody can google various rudamentary methods.  Might as well supply it myself with guidance on how to less likely get the ban hammer for it.

I don't hide: feel free to cry to me about it if you really feel that passionate about it.

p.s. the mac side doesn't work.  the person who was "trying" to get it working with me turned out to be impossible.  if anyone has a working one that spams a button every second, please email me.


19:26 . Mar 10 . 2014

I released a new album by my music project Symphony of Noise.  It is available for free here.



01:26 . Jan 05 . 2014

I have to comment on an observation on a pvp server crz with crushridge/blackrock/etc.

Nobody is taking themselves off the pvp table by corpsing themselves and sitting at a spawn spot? .... Really? .. How terrible, I would hate to camp like that. And PVPing while camping is ... well, I've truly seen several vyragosas and three TLPDs lost to people fucking around pvping. lost to people not pvping. 2 were campers watching the idiots, and 1 was someone passing by who grabbed it too fast, surprised to even see it up, while the group pvping missed out and had been camping it for weeks.

come on, guys. 

Raise yourself up above the spawn spot
Drop down to die
Add the following line to your script after the stopscript if no target
/script RetrieveCorpse();
hammer that macro endlessly (and have a cast in that macro that'll nail something instantly)...



20:24 . Jan 03 . 2014

What happens when someone glances at this site and doesn't spend a minute looking into it?  They call it something moronic like "anecdotal." 


(of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research."

Apparently the 14+ months I spent in storm peaks (involving over 50 Time-Losts dropping, not counting the countless since and the many hundreds of vyragosas) weren't considered research.  Same with the 8+ months in Deepholm, 2+ months in Uldum (on research, not counting the many times I've gone back to help others that were week or more long stints each) and 4+ months in Water world.

Anecdotal. Way to not look at the site for more than six seconds. Good luck with your wowhead info.  I gently addressed it on the facebook page but figured I would touch on it more as I'm still irritated by the dumb ass comment.


00:46 . Dec 26 . 2013

Apparently I didn't make it clear enough already - and are going away.  They are now built into - this site.  This site is not going anywhere.  With no donations anymore, I'm not willing to pay for 3 websites every year for no reason.  So I moved everything into one.  It'll serve the purpose of patching up the rampant misinformation around the internet about TLPD/aeonaxx/camel/poseidus. And if for some reason I lose my mind and dig my claws into some other rares.... the framework will exist to throw that here as well.

Happy Holidays.  You happen to know how to fly this thing?


18:19 . Nov 15 2013

Changed the kill macro on the macro page to Heroic Throw - thanks to Wapol-Area52.  No idea why I had Thunder Clap on there, which requires rage.  Sorry to anyone who may or may not have had issues with that on a spawn.  Hope I didn't fuck anybody's juice-boxes up. 

If anyone has any other suggested tweaks to the macro page linked, or anywhere else for that matter always feel free to contact me and let me know.  I don't bite.  Unless requested.


02:26 . 11.08.13

This may be relevant to your interests.  Get mad, I don't give a fuck.  Don't use it.


22:15 . 11.07.13

This is one of the best *fan images I've seen in a long time for TLPD.  I mean, there are a lot of greats out there.  But this one just feels right on many levels.  I love it. 

source - 

*no idea if they ever knew of but, fan of TLPD/WoW. 


00:39 . 11.01.13

I know nobody cares.  But I put a couple discs (one NIN "remix" disc and a small disc of my own 3rd string trash) on my Symphony of Noise project.  I still love you, though.  I wouldn't check it out, the last 2 editions really are quite bad.  But it's just because I wanted to throw some of my trash out while I'm polishing one of the 3 huge ones I've been working on for a long time that should be better than anything I've put out (and I'm quite proud of Failure)


00:30 . 09.07.13

Thanks to Primetimez - I didn't get the premade macros put into notsorare.  Fixed!
... and some links on the how to menu were fucked up.. sorry all
- found more fucked up links doing another sweep through checking everything.. i shouldn't code while drunk
- and a fucked up link in facts... thanks again Prime.. haha


11:40 . 09.06.13

found I forgot I changed the URL to where I put the TLPD site on notsorare originally after I changed the links on the site wide navigation.  fixed it though!  happy birthday to me!


21:30 . 09.05.13

grats Fries-Blackhand!


16:51 . 09.05.13 is now folded into  AeonaxxResource is next.  The forums are about to be unlinked.  The testimonials are not going to remain.


12:30 . 09.05.13

i get so fucking angry when i talk to people and offer assistance - the conversation doesn't go well because they think my commentary on pvp being a horrible idea is a great reason to get combative... then goes further south.. then talking to somebody I've been talking to for several hours over the last day or two.. they decide it's a great plan to not say a word but break the party, take me off battle tag and ignore my toons? ..... ARE YOU SERIOUS?  How can anyone be so horribly passive?  that's passive to the point of being just as bad as they perceive me to be.  just rude.  if you can't scold your own friends or acquaintances, nobody can.  people never cease to disappoint me.   i hate people.  can't wait to get off The Venture Co.

p.s. i mean, pvp being a horrible idea was relating to while camping. 


00:41 . 09.05.13

Approx date is going away - 01.05.14
Approx date is going away - 08.17.14
The dates are so far apart because of the time of the year at which they were originally registered. They will be folded into However, the forums will NOT be folded into Debating on finding a way to fold all the data people have shared (though vastly out of date) into some sort of ... something. The database should still be on my host but ... I don't know. We'll see.


19:15 . 08.10.13

Donations page has been updated, including information on and going away in 2014. However, the information will exist under


06:36 . 02.05.13

New section on - premade macros.


21:05 . 01.27.13

Greênarrow / Grizzly Hills - gave me a heads up that some of the facts are a little out of date. Skimmed through and fixed some shit in there.


16:54 . 06.18.2012

news moves to facebook
. Anybody seen The Social Network?  Know how Zuck expanded on huge emotional drive from a girl?  Well, this is kind of like this.  Had somebody on Facebook unfriend me that I adored without a word or anything.  Blocked too.  No reason.  It affected me.  So I decided to make a Not So Rare page on Facebook.  I will post news there instead of here.  This will be good because people can like the page (available on the top of all top level menu pages on the sites. if not now, very soon.)  Then instead of people having to check the sites they can simply see updates in their Facebook news feed.  Will save a lot of traveling for some, and for others it will provide a way for them to know if things on their favorite rares are changing where before they didn't bother coming to check the sites.

. So from now on, as noted, no more news here.  See: facebook page.

. Maybe not so much.  Months later I realized google ranks on page updates as well as visits.  So back to the old grind.



older news below video


10:30 . 06.13.2012

. As further evidence I'm a dick, feel free to peruse this Gay Marriage related thread.

04:29 . 06.11.2012

. posted a huge message thread from a facebook post regarding BF3 vs. MW3 on facebook.  because, yeah.  <3

01:48 . 06.03.2012

. made a post on pondbrain about some fallout regarding FUCKING iWARE. FIX YOUR SHIT, ASS HOLES.

08:43 . 06.01.2012

. the website ( this web family was originally hosted on, before I knew it was going to be a thing, got an update today.  an almost totally unrelated post.  Unlike what happened at, i'm not going to whore my music shit all over the majority of the site.  just a news post that will scroll away and be gone before long.

06:35 . 05.04.2012

. ACCOUNT WIDE MOUNTS IN MOP.   Thanks for the heads up Exystredofar, Samskeyti.  Here's how I checked to see if it was server wide or account wide.

1 . i copied over a dk i knew didnt have tlpd. 
2 . i went to check the mail, just the level 80 gift pack was in there
3 . logged out of dk, logged in lock, logged back to dk
4 . had all pond's mounts on the dk.
5 . logged into a toon on another server i had copied and has no mounts really to check and see if it's account wide or server wide
6 . have all mounts first time logging in to that toon on a server no other toons had logged into.

aaaaand i'm done camping tlpd/aeonaxx/camel/poseidus forever.

image 1 = Samskeyti's mounts on a toon that didn't have them.
image 2 = Ponderance's mounts on the test DK on the server never logged in before.



13:21 . 04.15.2012

. Tossed up 3 more pondbrains.  This one has information on the live servers I'm on at the moment.


01:53 . 04.07.2012

. Added this Pondbrain.  I was thinking today, not that I should kiss Blizzard ass in hopes of scoring a Beta pass - which I'm not (but email me an invite if you want Blizz HAHAHA not holding my breath :D) - but that I have voiced a lot of my criticism without actually really voicing much of my praise for all the things I love about the game.  Granted, the post only contains a very brief overview of the huge amount of stuff that makes me happy in the game.  But it was a nice burst of joy, I think.  About as happy as I get.  :D

. BTW, on top of what I previously mentioned about the forum steadiness, there was a new updated to PHPBB recently.  Haven't personally had one problem yet. Even where I had a brick wall previously. So hopefully that smooths things out for anyone who may have rarely had a remaining issue on the boards. 

. Note: soon I'm going to post something on Pondbrain indicating what I've been doing in game the last several weeks.  Probably on the 11th.  It's nothing at all.  Just, some people might be interested to know I'm on their server now. (or, conversely, I may be interested to find out if people are on them I know.)


06:23 . 04.01.2012

. [tri-site wide post]

On the TLPD side of things I've been able to aggro TLPD various times on toons with TLPDs since I last commented publicly about wondering if there was a bug - turns out it was the good old server lag situation a few times where the server thought I was at position X and the server thought I was at position Y, thus, being out of range.  Very frustratin when trying to down TLPD a couple times on toons that didn't yet have it. - Note: no TLPDs I aggrod on TLPD having toons were wasted, all went to people and/or toons that didn't have it yet. --- Also thinking about making visual range graphics regarding current visual range of TLPD and Vyragosa as they are much bigger now than they were in early cata or wrath.  Dunno when I'll get to that though honestly, I'm sorry.

Nothing new to report on the Aeonaxx side of the word that I'm aware of.  Besides sadly, reports of spawns and despawns with people in both possible phases and both factions all witnessing it at the same time.  Still happening, but I guess bugs happen, right?  Just a heads up again on that, though it's immensely rare.

Regarding MoP
there (from what I understand) is a guild forming apparently from the Forums here, very small in scale so far it appears.  For checking out rares in the Beta.  I started this thread for people to coordinate from this site family.  Started this thread for general discussion on theory, discoveries, etc - to be branched off into threads for actual rares / drops / etc.  

Regarding the Forums
I would like to mention that the forums seem to be more stable after some changes the host did.  Hoping this maintains.  Either way, the data will be safe as the host has automatic backups and so on. That, I'm not worried about - being able to get forums back up if something catastrophic happens.

If anyone has any screenshots of camel figurines that fit the submission guidelines outlined here, please fire me an email.  If you have before (recently,) chances are I will get them posted today as I only have 2 or 3 that aren't.  Going to spend some time slipping in some cosmetic changes that probably wont really be noticed across the site family today.  Also going to try to get a couple more camel figurine locations marked on the map.  I've been really bad about keeping up on all of that and I apologize.

No, none of this is an april 1st gag.  Though, I considered putting up a crayon drawn version of the sites that I still have around from when I made people read hidden instructions in that splash screen some time back. end tl;dr post.

EDIT: 15:06
+ I updated Pondbrain.  It's long, hard, and full of bullshit probably.  If you get angry easily just skip it.  It's all opinion.


18:44 . 03.28.2012

. Wiped out my RealIDs.  Down to less than 10 people.  Why?  I'm so beyond sick of seeing people using their status like a fucking chatroom, as if seeing one person's part in a conversation is awesome for 85% or more of most people's fucking lists.  Hey, ass holes who do this, think about others.  Most people don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about.  Stop flooding people's fucking chatboxes.  Got it?  And if you're reading this and didn't think about it - please, for the love of everyone who constantly is seeing the one person's part of chatting, STOP IT.  And be assured I'm not the only fucking one who's sick of it.  You can make a chat room on RealID, did you know that?  Get these fucking people in a chat tab to talk over RealID.  It's not hard.  Save people the fucking trouble.

I'd rather just not take part in RealID overall with the way this thoughtless shit is spreading, so I just removed everybody but the vitals.  No offense to anyone, a lot of good people I like a lot were removed.  But I'm done seeing this shit at any cost, even if most of the people I took off are intelligent enough to, you know, fucking whisper someone or make a chatroom.  Or not fucking say shit.

That is all.


15:40 . 03.03.2012

. Posts 8 - 13 are new in Pondbrain.


06:07 . 02.09.2012

. Regarding chat in game and out of game, and especially in the chatroom we have here that takes up 4 lines for every 1, space wise, really. It already floods itself. So yes, we added a rule no flooding. I don't think that was even needed but apparently it was as just a moment ago I asked someone, please don't type 20 lines when it will easily fit on 2 or 3? Please? OMG! YOU CAN'T TELL ME TO CHANGE WHO I AM! blah blah blah YOU DON'T LIKE ME. I even fed into it and tried to tell them no no i like you fine blah blah NO, FUCK YOU, DON'T FUCKING FLOOD CHAT. It's a simple request. Please don't cry about it. Just don't flood chat. Don't flood wow chat, don't flood raid or guild chat. You don't have to hit enter every three fucking words. K? K thanks. Commas. Spaces. New sentences. They're the new thing. God damn it.

Too fucking early for this shit.


20:24 . 02.06.2012

. The forums went from barely functional to the database apparently not even working. I'm seeing about what support has to say about it, but I'm not holding much hope. I'll look at other options. Next time I'll be paying for a forum where if shit goes wrong they have their own support that fixes it - because I don't have the time to study that and seems everbody I've talked to hates working on forums too. So.... If you have a god and like the forums, you can pray for them... :P


20:35 . 01.18.2012

. Website Family back up after our blackout in support of anti SOPA/PIPA activities. May the measures burn in hell.


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