.. [ for mac users ] ..

Camping TLPD and hate Afk/Disconnects? Just do this.  Don’t over think.

Calm down.  Take it one step at a time.  Write down on a piece of paper as you go.  It’s VERY simple.  Easy.  Just go slow.

Here is your 12 step program to winning.

1)  Go Here. - http://www.autohotkey.com/
2) Download.  (it’s on the menu.)
3) Install. (run it, click next ’till done.)
4) Download this file to your desktop. – http://pondbrain.com/AutoHotkey.ahk (right click, save as)
Open this page in a new tab. (middle click usually works.)
6) Go to the page with your class.
7) Copy the macro that fits what you want to do.  (Hold or Kill.)  (ctrl+c to copy, ctrl+v to paste in game.)
8) Paste to a new macro. (again, ctrl+v in game.)
9) In WoW -hit escape, select key binds, BottomLeft Action Button 12, bind to F12
10) hit Shift+6.  Move macro from macro page to the = space on your bar. – hit shift+1 to go back to main bar.
11) Go to desktop.
12) Right click AutoHotkey.ahk and select open.  Your script will begin hitting the targeting macro a little more than once a second.

You are done disconnecting as long as this runs.  Hitting Scroll Lock pauses and resumes.

If you want to make sure this is working properly, drag any ability to the 12th spot on shift+6's bar.  This WILL keep you connected.  Even though it does show you go AFK.  It will set you to AFK but will not disconnect you.  You do not need to move at all to actually stay connected - that has never been the case.  Any automation that makes you turn a little every so often or jump every so often does 1 extra thing for you: paints a kick-me sign on you for GMs to have to respond to fuck knows how many tickets about botting.  Avoid that all together. Use macro spamming.

And if you feel bad for any sort of automation that might tag something and want to try to be more legit, feel free to only use the targeting section of the macro.  I don't blame you - I used to feel bad doing that too.  Used to.  I was corrupted.

- Ponderance