Currently there are no forums.  The data that rests in the graveyard that was once forums that people could use, long long ago, may find it's way back to the website.  In fact I fully intend to at some point.  At least the people's logs they were kind enough to compile on the tops of their threads.  At the very least I am confident and comfortable with the period of time they were working.  Quite a few people met there and in the chatroom.

Speaking of the chatroom, that's gone too.  If you know how to get there, that's good.  But I haven't really been there at all in ....  It would be safe to say a year at least.  I'm sure a few have made it home.  Sometimes when I did peek back in there about four were still in there off and on a few times a week.   If you wish to yell at me about any of the choices made in 2013 or any other time before or after.... feel free to email me.