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july 1 . 2020

I'm a long way behind on this.  today i learned aeonaxx isn't an event anymore, but just another rare that is aggro on spawn, no more ride event. 

here's a video that has information on that. probably not the best out there, so, more after the video embed.



SO, I'm obviously not able or interested in keeping up on all the updates.  this aeonaxx change happened in 8.1 and it's 8.5 and I just now heard about it.  Luckily, there are people currently on the case.


many of you probably know about this already.  go check out their shit.  i'm happy enough i've helped literally thousands of people get their mounts, using information that was good (and verified) for the end of wrath through WoD. I helped over 100 get their TLPD hands on, over 20 get aeonaxx, around a dozen each on poseidus and camel.  so I need to remind myself I have nothing to feel shitty about regarding failure. 

I can't stress enough that I'm seriously overjoyed that people are doing the secret finding discord.  what I saw during figuring out hive mind, made me so happy.  I felt so alone trying to figure out tlpd in a sea of people all over the internet from wow mounts, to thottbot to wowhead, people who just knew what they knew and weren't listening to anything, back when there were a ton of TLPD spawn spots people believed that were never real. 

Now there are people doing the damn thing, and doing it right.  It's awesome as fuck.  SO, again - https://discord.com/invite/wowsecrets .. check their work out.  I kind of regret not being involved but I've done my part <3

love you guys.




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