020 . So... What are you doing now?

I'll post the image from the <Self Destruction> website here. 


NOTE: Names often have ascii characters in them.   So just tossing a /who self destruction ... from time to time.. will probably be more useful if you're trying to catch me online on your server.


Why did I make toons on so many servers?

Well, I don't give two shits about PVE anymore, beyond doing everything once or twice to see the lore.  I haven't given two shits about PVP since sometime in BC.  And achievements are only fun for me in small bursts of a few weeks at a time.  So, tearing after rares is fun for me.  And if I happened to tag vyragosa on 3 servers in about 2 hours I felt bored like ... Shit.  Nothing to do for a while.  I mean, yeah, I'm probably one of the first to remind people I've observed an hour between spawns.  Yeah, once.  And anyone who's going hardcore should heed the point about 45 minutes being observed a few times between, though most often it's 4-12 hours these days (give or take a couple hours.) 

So I decided I wanted to finally get a recruit a friend mount. But you have 3 accounts!  Yes.  All of them were created before they ever did one of those, before the zebra mount even.  Or zhevra. Whatever. 

When I started it up I realized, hey, 3x exp?  Fuck yeah.  I have about twice as many servers with toons made that were intended to be run to 80 by the time the recruit a friend ran out.  And I wouldn't have had any problem doing it, probably more.  But my wife and I ended up moving to Phoenix from Omaha in the middle there.  On top of that I spent 2 weeks with a friend camping Aeonaxx (with no luck.)  -  so I lost about a full month and a half or so, counting settling in, the few days at the hotel, packing, cleaning, preparing, driving, etc.. 

So... I hit a mark far far below goal, but, this is good because I have a lot of work to do to get these guys to where I'm happy with them.  There's always a fifth account right?  pshhhahahaha.  Plus expansions on four accounts are going to suck as it is.  But anyway. 

On top of that I've been job hunting and shifting ways I vent so that I can fill requests for pondbrains and getting more audio and graphic work done for my own projects rather than what I had been doing...

And I've been drinking a lot more lately - nerves are out of control :D   but I'm loving Arizona.  It's so much nicer here, it's amazing how little to no humidity feels when all my life I've lived in one humid bullshit climate or another.  Nothing like living life in mild to high temp boiling water. I felt a 96 degree day and it was laughably not hot. Warm, sure.  But 96 in Omaha and I'm usually like, you know, fuck the grass.  It can grow to six feet and house all the snakes and spiders on fucking earth, fuck it with a rake.  But down here it's more along the lines of would anyone like to go for a twenty mile walk? it's awesome outside.  And I never thought I would definitely be grabbing a jacket when it's 60 degrees outside.

Plus gathering information on multiple servers about new rares is appealing to me rather than just being dug in on a few.


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