Keyo: my view on profanity is if you dont like it, use the filter.
If it gets thru the filter, then do the game a favor and filter yourself out.


We'll be doing a trial joint 25 run with Desolation on the 30th at 8:30pm Server time. We are going to want to take 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 DPS. I don't see any reason why we can't come up with at the very least 1 healer, 1 tank and 5 dps. I told them we might not be able to come up with all of those spots, but that's OK because they should be able to fill in whatever is needed.


We love Rickychicago and Selaholiec.  And now we have proof they love eachother.  Just kidding. Please visit the vent page and download the new .mp3 of their l


Sadly Ikoichul/Ikosdeathk has made a life decision to exclude WoW from it.  Good for him, but he will be missed.  He also uninstalled Ventrilo to further sever himself from it.  He removed his toons from the Guild so Marcus can use them until they expire -- since he's not going to be using them anymore, and to help us keep Marcus out of guild. Appreciate that thought Jordan :)

- In Loving Memory
He was loved by all who played with him and will be missed.


Congradulations, Sangua!  First Solo United person to get a Proto Drake! WOOOT!!


Why is Ponderance raiding with Yummy Cave Mold when we're trying to Raid!?!?

[ perm on left, ponderance on right taken in the late 90s]

short form: ponderance is making YCM raids a higher priority than SU raids after feeling like he lost the "lets make this happen" fight.

long form: a message from ponderance

Edit:  this fell through within a week -- and have been back giving priority to SU ever since.  Ohyes.


Why did I get so many raid invites?!

As a way to try and counter days of a lot of us sitting around off and on like "Anything going on? Nobody knows? ... Alright later" when we wanted to do things but didn't coordinate well enough, I just sent out invites for the next few weeks.

The start times will be shifted around to fit the majority of people who want to do things, if we need to bump things down to 3pm or up to 8pm, we'll make adjustments.

Malygos will die. There is no question. (someday.....)

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Where did they go?

All of Calamitous Intent left to go back home. They thankfully took a self centered idiot with them (Waroftyrant/Derelyn, yes, I threw you under the bus you fucking asshat.)

Thank you Calamitous Intent, best of wishes to you.

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Solo United Forums have been tweaked.

The Forums have been altered in a few ways by the Dreamhost techs so that hopefully the errors a number of people were having should be resolved. Some of these errors include people having troubles uploading images or otherwise adding them by remote URLS and repeatedly losing their logged in status while browsing the forums.

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Solo United is Back?

A number of the people in Solo United previously are back. With them, including Ponderance, are the mass from The Loathed. What happened that caused all of us to come over to Solo United is of no relevance. This site will be updated accordingly to what will be needed of it.

Per Requst:
1) Alliance to Horde text sheet

2) If you want to donate to help contribute to Ponderance funds used to pay for the web hosting ($120 for web hosting $10 for registration, $80 a year for vent -- but $120 is for multiple websites so that doesn't really count)


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Alliance to Horde text sheet