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** Update
- Starting on 2008.07.18 the pot will reflect the changed fresh pot prize.  Below the initial winning pot will be 500g.



1. Send a message in game to Sulottery.

2. Include 1g for your entry, with a number between 1 and 100 for the next coming lottery.

3. Once received, a receipt with your number picked will be sent to you.

4. Wednesday and Saturday nights a number will be /rolled.

5. Winners will be sent the entire pot.  Multiple winners will receive an equal split.

6. One entry per human player, please.

All picks expire right after the roll.  If you want a number to ride for a while, send one gold for every drawing and make a note that 10g is for the number on the next 10 drawings.   That way you can just pick number x to be played in however many lottery drawings you choose. The pot automatically starts at 500g after someone wins.  The pot stays and grows as the lottery continues in the event that nobody wins the drawing aka /roll.

A screenshot is taken and posted to ensure no "oh, lets roll again" happens.



If you want to run the same number over and over you can mail, say, 30 gold, and say "I want to pick this number for the next 30 drawings."  That way the pot for the next drawing goes up, and you're automatically in for that number for the following 29 drawings.  So if you send 200g and say, hey, I want to run this number, you would have that number automatically put into the mix for the next 200 drawings.