Pondiverse is the term I coined to encapsulate the alternate history with which I slowly found myself writing a large group of different books. In high school, in a creative writing class, I wrote a short story involving coming into a sort of test being done by the society that lives in the earth. In the earth, as in, within multiple layers, chambers and places within the earth between the molten core and surface. The inner inhabitants enjoy everything from sweeping cave networks, a worldwide electromagnetic tube transport system that can get to any surface spot on earth in a matter of minutes, to expansive caverns containing sprawling metropolises. They also live and work among us, guiding us in ways that keep us safe in our galactic neighborhood. It’s not hollow earth nonsense, don’t worry. There are no intelligent design claiming beings here.

The majority of the inner earth dwellers, as well as many non-earthly beings in the Pondiverse, communicate primarily via telepathy. Earth is but a part of the larger picture.


Current Pondiverse Related Writings

Descent . Written by Erik Smith, Edited by Lysa Bertsche [ Erotica, Alternate History, Science Fiction ]
Beginning in a period of active self destruction and partying, this book follows a fresh adult through the trials and tribulations of growing up. The mental aging process kicked into high gear as he meets the underworld, is given a task and heads back to the surface. He struggles with the knowledge he acquired and begins his new life trying to carry everything on his shoulders in the process.
. . . in second pass and editing stage . . .

-untitled- (descent 2) . Written by Erik Smith, no editor as of this time. [ Erotica . Horror . Alternate History ]
The protagonist from Descent is trapped in a dream state in which he watches himself be the pawn of a demented trickster. His worst nightmares have never compared to the hell he witnesses himself doing, all the while unable to stop watching.


Inferno . Written by Erik Smith, no editor as of this time. [ Alternate History . Science Fiction ]
A mercenary completes a contract and struggles to decide what to do with his life. He is given permission to chase a long growing dream. Through the course of carrying out his largest ambition, the nation erupts in civil war.
. . . in early writing stage . . .


Ascent . Written by Erik Smith, no editor at this time. [Erotica, Alternate History, Science Fiction ]
A Mormon girl is entering her second year of college. She meets someone vacationing in Utah and they have a week long emotional romance. Her entire faith falls under question. Shortly after, her entire world falls apart.
. . . in very early writing stage . . .


These are a series of short stories being uploaded individually to Amazon.

Soraya 1-44. Written by Erik Smith, Edited by Danie Greenlee [ Erotica . Alternate History . Science Fiction ]
A long awaited two week vacation to the surface. As the vacation approached and her hormones rose to unbelievable levels, she changes her plans from binging the sights to binging the locals.

Once complete, will be trimmed down and fleshed into a solid novel for resale. Will probably have some alternate scenes that were replaced by whims instead of going with the planned story.

. . . in varying stages, publications linked by number below . . .
. 1


Rafael  1 -30.Written by Erik Smith, no editor as of this time. [ Erotica . Alternate History . Science Fiction ]
This is about a surfer who starts off by spending his mornings on the waves, afternoons working a booth on the beach, and evenings running drugs back from Mexico. Everything changes after he is pulled into an operation that lost members after an unexpected firefight.

. . . being fleshed out and writing has begun . . .