This website was built to replace the NIN FTP in several ways.
1 . A place for those of us to upload their NIN related things so others can download it without having to deal with websites such as sendspace, megaupload and the like.  If you used the NIN FTP for those reasons, you may email me and we'll discuss getting you plugged back in.
2 . Keeping tabs on the YZE (Year Zero Experience.)
3 . An organizational area for Tool fans. (I have been told, I never actually noticed it being used for that but I didn't snoop through people's files much either.)
4 . Somewhere for people to snag NIN related downloads.  This will be done graphically and will be accessible through the old web server file browsing technique people have voiced enjoyment over.  This will also be accessible by this login info with FTP clients:  SERVER: LOGIN: ftpdownload PASS: giveaccess .
5 . A reincarnation of the origins of Symphony of Noise Productions.  SoNP first used the term "Symphony of Noise" as a description of NIN music to people who hadn't heard it before.  It then was the name of a NIN fan site.  It evolved away from NIN at that point.  This is a return to roots venture.

This website was built by Erik Smith.  Feel free to contact me for any reason.

While the site is being slowly pieced together you may see a lot of text that you think should be links.  They probably will be links.  I'm pretty much piecing it together live.  While it's being pieced together you may see a lot of weird shit that comes and goes.  I don't have time to do all of this in one burst -- so I figured fuck it.  Why not make it available as it's being stuck together.  I don't mind people seeing the scaffolding as the building goes up.



For right now all I am allowing is submissions via my SoNP gmail account.  If you have any remixes, interviews or anything else, feel free to send it to  I will dig through it and throw it in a place where I'll get it posted soon.  If things don't get posted I'll try and get back to you as to why.  Sometimes things are copyrighted and I am not able to obtain the rights or permission to post them online. Other times I just personally don't like remixes and won't give bandwidth to them, you know?  I'm picky, I am sorry! 



Anyone who has been following the YZE from close to the beginning knows where the vast majority of the data is being filtered.  ETS.  The reason I made a more simple, link-only version of the things they've found, and continue to find, is I didn't like digging through that multiplying mess of posts.  It was a quick easy stop for links.  I still go dig through it from time to time to find updates, and sometimes even visit the ninwiki.  I'm going to try and get every little thing as far as audio, video and websites linked from here.  I'm also going to try and get more than that, as time permits.  I think we lost ItsJustDave on this side of things.  That one is on myself, and I apologize to everyone who misses his contributions (scripts, and so on)


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