Webcam Archives: F.A.Q.


1)  Where did these images come from?

In the summer of 2004, an image from turned out to be a webcam image.  It was located in the upper right corner of the Current page.


2)  Who's idea was it to have a live webcam?

I do not know.  I am interested in the answer to that question myself.


3)  Where did the data CDs and DVDs go?

It was getting too expensive to keep selling them.  I was not interested in raising prices, so as an alternative I decided to just upload every single webcam archive image to this location.


4)  Who made this website?

This was put together by Symphony of Noise Productions.  The background and navigational imagery was taken from a 20 meg .pdf file that was posted on 


5)  Why did you redo the webcam archives?

The more I looked at the old webcam archives, the more I felt the imagery was wrong.  The imagery was from aatchb.  The webcam activity was at least partially, or mostly, them making [WITH_TEETH].  I felt it was proper to make the imagery from the [WITH_TEETH] era rather than aatchb.


6)  How did you save all of these images?

Webcam Watcher.  It's a program.  Without it, I wouldn't have slept.  Ever.


7)  Is there still an active webcam?

Not that I know of.  Hopefully one will turn up again.  It was... too cool.