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Many thanks to Laursifer and her Boyfriend for this opportunity, as well as to the NIN camp for opening that window.  We look forward to next time.


New Updates:

Fuck that bullshit gallery setup.  Old navigation is restored.  All annex false links should be repaired. 

Webcam Archives should be fully functional again.  Sorry about that couple years down.
Life moves really fucking fast sometimes.

New image gallery setup.  Flash oriented this time.  There were a million bugs in the html files from the server move and I just didn't have the time or patience to sift through it all so I threw all of the images into the gallery creation machine.  I was going to explain how it works, but NIN fans will figure it out.  It's nothing compared to some of the Year Zero riddle sites and we owned those, didn't we.


Site back online in it's new home.  About damn time.

Need to rework navigation to include the fact that it's part of the heavens fall.  That's a work in progress.


Old Updates:

The data cd and dvd option has been removed for several reasons.  One: it takes too much time to create and ship them.  Time is something I don't have much of anymore, and in order to make it worthwhile I would have had to raise prices.  Something I was and am not interested in.  I have, however, done something to offset that removal.

I have uploaded all of the images I have to this location

Obviously, the graphics were redone.  I felt that the aatchb imagery was inappropriate.  I figured that [WITH_TEETH] era imagery would be more fitting.  That's one of the things they were working on, after all.

I did not make a different set of graphics for each page.  I had an entire shitload of graphics done for various new versions of this site.  I posted them here so that they didn't go to total waste.   I liked the pop-up oriented website the most, but there was no time to actually get everything linked and operating correctly. 

Faq redone to reflect questions that have been frequently asked since the time the archives went online.

The Image galleries are now all linked and integrated into the navigation.