Webcam Archives:   Submit Missing Data



1 . before you submit or contact concerning missing imagery
please make sure that you have watched the videos before submitting imagery. simply because the image galleries only have the highlights. alot of the stuff that repeats was cut due to there being literally thousands of images each day from the cam(s).

2 . how to go about getting the missing imagery to the archive
if you have aim, contact shroudofstatic. if not, send in an email telling which date and what you have that isn't in the videos.

3. if there is something on a video that is cool and should be in the galleries, yet is not.
contact me and let me know the time in the video that it happens. there are so many images that i look through them for cool images to add to the gallery by looking closely through them as thumbnails. sometimes i catch stuff watching the video later, and add it. but i'm sure i've missed some funny or cool frames =P so let me know..