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12:30 . 09.05.13

i get so fucking angry when i talk to people and offer assistance - the conversation doesn't go well because they think my commentary on pvp being a horrible idea is a great reason to get combative... then goes further south.. then talking to somebody i've been talking to for several hours over the last day or two.. they decide it's a great plan to not say a word but break the party, take me off battle tag and ignore my toons? ..... ARE YOU SERIOUS?  How can anyone be so horribly passive?  that's passive to the point of being just as bad as they perceive me to be.  just rude.  if you can't scold your own friends or acquantances, nobody can.  people never cease to disappoint me.   i hate people.  can't wait to get off The Venture Co.

p.s. i mean, pvp being a horrible idea was relating to while camping. 


00:41 . 09.05.13

Approx date AeonaxxResource.com is going away - 01.05.14
Approx date TLPDResource.com is going away - 08.17.14
The dates are so far apart because of the time of the year at which they were originally registered. They will be folded into pondbrain.com/notsorare. However, the forums will NOT be folded into pondbrain.com/notsorare. Debating on finding a way to fold all the data people have shared (though vastly out of date) into some sort of ... something. The database should still be on my host but ... I don't know. We'll see.


19:15 . 08.10.13

Donations page has been updated, including information on this domain name going away in 2014. However, the information will exist under pondbrain.com/notsorare


06:36 . 02.05.13

New section on TLPDresource.com - premade macros.


21:05 . 01.27.13

Gre√™narrow / Grizzly Hills - gave me a heads up that some of the facts are a little out of date. Skimmed through and fixed some shit in there.


16:54 . 06.18.2012

news moves to facebook
. Anybody seen The Social Network?  Know how Zuck expanded on huge emotional drive from a girl?  Well, this is kind of like this.  Had somebody on Facebook unfriend me that I adored without a word or anything.  Blocked too.  No reason.  It affected me.  So I decided to make a Not So Rare page on Facebook.  I will post news there instead of here.  This will be good because people can like the page (available on the top of all top level menu pages on the sites. if not now, very soon.)  Then instead of people having to check the sites they can simply see updates in their Facebook news feed.  Will save a lot of traveling for some, and for others it will provide a way for them to know if things on their favorite rares are changing where before they didn't bother coming to check the sites.

. So from now on, as noted, no more news here.  See: facebook page.

. Maybe not so much.  Months later I realized google ranks on page updates as well as visits.  So back to the old grind.


older news under video


10:30 . 06.13.2012

. As further evidence I'm a dick, feel free to peruse this Gay Marriage related thread.

08:43 . 06.01.2012

. the website (symphonyofnoise.com) this web family was originally hosted on, before I knew it was going to be a thing, got an update today.  an almost totally unrelated post.  Unlike what happened at aeonaxx.blogspot.com, i'm not going to whore my music shit all over the majority of the site.  just a news post that will scroll away and be gone before long.

23:06 . 05.14.2012

. Made a How To Quicksheet.  Will be putting together a part joke video, part show off video before MoP account wide mounts goes live.  Just as kind of a "These toons earned them" type of thing.  And the perfect rug.  You'll see.

The video wont be today like I hoped, didn't get it done.  So it wont be 'till maybe the weekend or later.  Wanted to get it done before the week blinks by in Sanctuary, but it didn't happen. <3


06:35 . 05.04.2012

. ACCOUNT WIDE MOUNTS IN MOP.   Thanks for the heads up Exystredofar, Samskeyti.  Here's how I checked to see if it was server wide or account wide.

1 . i copied over a dk i knew didnt have tlpd. 
2 . i went to check the mail, just the level 80 gift pack was in there
3 . logged out of dk, logged in lock, logged back to dk
4 . had all pond's mounts on the dk.
5 . logged into a toon on another server i had copied and has no mounts really to check and see if it's account wide or server wide
6 . have all mounts first time logging in to that toon on a server no other toons had logged into.

aaaaand i'm done camping tlpd/aeonaxx/camel/poseidus forever.

image 1 = Samskeyti's mounts on a toon that didn't have them.
image 2 = Ponderance's mounts on the test DK on the server never logged in before.



xx:xx . 05.03.2012

. -removed- . it never came, and i'm not a very good beggar so my (reasonless) guilt built to an 86ing. 


14:56 . 04.16.2012

. Edited the Facts page to include the following:

Phasing may cause TLPD to come in and out of view at the edges of the phases, but can be seen in all phases - same as Aeonaxx.  I am not aware of any phase versions being present on any of the four spawn spots. Even though I am pretty sure there is a phase line just between the Brunnhildar spawn and Brunnhildar itself. - Ponderance

Thank you Bazoril for the semi-heads up that I didn't see any phase information present.


01:53 . 04.07.2012

. Added this Pondbrain.  I was thinking today, not that I should kiss Blizzard ass in hopes of scoring a Beta pass - which I'm not (but email me an invite if you want Blizz HAHAHA not holding my breath :D) - but that I have voiced a lot of my criticism without actually really voicing much of my praise for all the things I love about the game.  Granted, the post only contains a very brief overview of the huge amount of stuff that makes me happy in the game.  But it was a nice burst of joy, I think.  About as happy as I get.  :D

. BTW, on top of what I previously mentioned about the forum steadiness, there was a new updated to PHPBB recently.  Haven't personally had one problem yet. Even where I had a brick wall previously. So hopefully that smooths things out for anyone who may have rarely had a remaining issue on the boards. 


06:23 . 04.01.2012

. [tri-site wide post]

On the TLPD side of things I've been able to aggro TLPD various times on toons with TLPDs since I last commented publicly about wondering if there was a bug - turns out it was the good old server lag situation a few times where the server thought I was at position X and the server thought I was at position Y, thus, being out of range.  Very frustratin when trying to down TLPD a couple times on toons that didn't yet have it. - Note: no TLPDs I aggrod on TLPD having toons were wasted, all went to people and/or toons that didn't have it yet. --- Also thinking about making visual range graphics regarding current visual range of TLPD and Vyragosa as they are much bigger now than they were in early cata or wrath.  Dunno when I'll get to that though honestly, I'm sorry.

Nothing new to report on the Aeonaxx side of the word that I'm aware of.  Besides sadly, reports of spawns and despawns with people in both possible phases and both factions all witnessing it at the same time.  Still happening, but I guess bugs happen, right?  Just a heads up again on that, though it's immensely rare.

Regarding MoP
there (from what I understand) is a guild forming apparently from the Forums here, very small in scale so far it appears.  For checking out rares in the Beta.  I started this thread for people to coordinate from this site family.  Started this thread for general discussion on theory, discoveries, etc - to be branched off into threads for actual rares / drops / etc.  

Regarding the Forums
I would like to mention that the forums seem to be more stable after some changes the host did.  Hoping this maintains.  Either way, the data will be safe as the host has automatic backups and so on. That, I'm not worried about - being able to get forums back up if something catastrophic happens.

If anyone has any screenshots of camel figurines that fit the submission guidelines outlined here, please fire me an email.  If you have before (recently,) chances are I will get them posted today as I only have 2 or 3 that aren't.  Going to spend some time slipping in some cosmetic changes that probably wont really be noticed across the site family today.  Also going to try to get a couple more camel figurine locations marked on the map.  I've been really bad about keeping up on all of that and I apologize.

No, none of this is an april 1st gag.  Though, I considered putting up a crayon drawn version of the sites that I still have around from when I made people read hidden instructions in that splash screen some time back. end tl;dr post.


18:44 . 03.28.2012

. Wiped out my RealIDs.  Down to less than 10 people.  Why?  I'm so beyond sick of seeing people using their status like a fucking chatroom, as if seeing one person's part in a conversation is awesome for 85% or more of most people's fucking lists.  Hey, ass holes who do this, think about others.  Most people don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about.  Stop flooding people's fucking chatboxes.  Got it?  And if you're reading this and didn't think about it - please, for the love of everyone who constantly is seeing the one person's part of chatting, STOP IT.  And be assured I'm not the only fucking one who's sick of it.  You can make a chat room on RealID, did you know that?  Get these fucking people in a chat tab to talk over RealID.  It's not hard.  Save people the fucking trouble.

I'd rather just not take part in RealID overall with the way this thoughtless shit is spreading, so I just removed everybody but the vitals.  No offense to anyone, a lot of good people I like a lot were removed.  But I'm done seeing this shit at any cost, even if most of the people I took off are intelligent enough to, you know, fucking whisper someone or make a chatroom.  Or not fucking say shit.

That is all.


12:53 . 03.03.2012

. There is now a video of time-lost spawning from Brunnhildar on the Brunnhildar details page.  Great work, Nightwolfe!


06:07 . 02.09.2012

. Regarding chat in game and out of game, and especially in the chatroom we have here that takes up 4 lines for every 1, space wise, really. It already floods itself. So yes, we added a rule no flooding. I don't think that was even needed but apparently it was as just a moment ago I asked someone, please don't type 20 lines when it will easily fit on 2 or 3? Please? OMG! YOU CAN'T TELL ME TO CHANGE WHO I AM! blah blah blah YOU DON'T LIKE ME. I even fed into it and tried to tell them no no i like you fine blah blah NO, FUCK YOU, DON'T FUCKING FLOOD CHAT. It's a simple request. Please don't cry about it. Just don't flood chat. Don't flood wow chat, don't flood raid or guild chat. You don't have to hit enter every three fucking words. K? K thanks. Commas. Spaces. New sentences. They're the new thing. God damn it.

Too fucking early for this shit.


20:24 . 02.06.2012

. The forums went from barely functional to the database apparently not even working. I'm seeing about what support has to say about it, but I'm not holding much hope. I'll look at other options. Next time I'll be paying for a forum where if shit goes wrong they have their own support that fixes it - because I don't have the time to study that and seems everbody I've talked to hates working on forums too. So.... If you have a god and like the forums, you can pray for them... :P


13:43 . 01.31.2012

First I would like to mention it seems that on top of no instant aggro anymore, it also appears if you have TLPD on the toon you're trying to aggro it on (hopefully because you're helping someone get it and holding it, not killing it so others can't like a total sperm gargler) - you can't. Have had it happen multiple times helping people get it lately (Foxkill is the most recent, grats again.)

Beyond that, changed the spawn spot info pages a little, added a video of a spawn happening at each spawn spot on the pages, above the 9 views of each screen spot. Also made a link to each video that's imbedded right from the images menu so they can just be clicked right away without seeing the images.

Good luck!


18:27 . 01.29.2012

. I thought I was crazy, shit getting out of spawn in Storm Peaks without aggroing, even on lower level toons. A dude I've camped with before recorded this video earlier today. This is a level 69 priest that as you can see, when it spawns and he targets it, is right in the hitbox and it just flies off. Has to give chase and hit it to get it's attention.

This is even more reason to make an updated youtube video.



04:55 . 01.26.2012

[04:53:41] [W From] <Away>[82:Pwningham]: are you pnderance from tlpd resource or a copycat?
[04:53:46] [W To] [82:Pwningham]: i am
[04:54:06] [W From] <Away>[82:Pwningham]: well ty for all your hard work helped me a lot my friends as well
[04:54:20] [W To] [82:Pwningham]: *bow* i deeply appreciate that
[04:54:35] [W To] [82:Pwningham]: didnt know anyone knew the site on this server, i just made toons here because the name made my perverted mind chuckle

^ ^ ^ ^ Makes it worth it. <3 (server = Thunderhorn, btw.)


01:06 . 01.25.2012

. It's really god damn irritating when you reach out and try to offer advice and get called a douchebag in return. Fuck you. But it's worth the effort, the vast majority of people I try to help out are actually grateful, and not snotty little dickbags.

Be careful trying to help others. It can piss in your face.


02:01 . 01.21.2012

. [01:40:23] [G] [85:Iapetus]: Stiff nippled alts checking up on Storm Peaks

. the time / date was not intentional. but awesome.


16:05 . 01.06.2012

. TC pointed out I had the news in the interface linking to the wrong shit. Thanks!

. Because when you look at shit long enough, you start seeing things.


00:41 . 01.03.2012

. What's with the fucking video? Well. I'm going to try to keep up on having something from youtube rotating every so often under the top news post. Also going to try to refrain from posting any images in the news feed, just links to them. This will keep down any possible load times, obviously. But it should also keep it a little interesting for any crazed campers always checking back for any news while staring at their respective camp locations, waiting. Right now it's just an audio track Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross did for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The first one I put up was also from TGWTDT but it was a concept video for the cover of Immigrant Song.

I also plan on trying to keep the donations as up to date as possible. Going to update the last time I checked for any donations every time I look. Just because, it'll keep me on my toes.


15:42 . 01.01.2012

. AeonaxxResource.com / TLPDResource.com / pondbrain.com/notsorare are all now merged, navigation wise. They will remain hosted on their own sites. Played around off and on with making a hybrid graphic, fresh, for being on the aeonaxx and tlpd sides, but still having not so rare nav there. I don't know why but this first simple slap together was what I liked the most that lasted over time, so.... lol.

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