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  • Health: 18,900

  • TLPD Does drop itself as a mount 100% of the time.

  • Phasing may cause TLPD to come in and out of view at the edges of the phases, but can be seen in all phases - same as Aeonaxx.  I am not aware of any phase versions being present on any of the four spawn spots. Even though I am pretty sure there is a phase line just between the Brunnhildar spawn and Brunnhildar itself. - Ponderance

  • It can spawn from any of the four spawn spots multiple times in a row.  Or not spawn from one a dozen times in a row.

  • Normal quick resets usually do not restart timers.  Full Maintenance though does.  It may be safe to just assume timers are reset for any reset though.

  • Regarding NPC Scan/Silver Dragon caching:

    In Windows Vista / 7 - sometimes you have to clear the cache differently it turns out.  I all the sudden started having the problem I had been asked about by others "why can't I clear my cache and make NPC scan show things aren't cached all the sudden?"  Sometimes you have to go to this location and clear the cache there:

    C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\*wow folder*\Cache\WDB\enUS

  • Time-Lost Proto-Drake *HAS* been downed multiple times after 5.1.  Will update as patches come out.  Note:  On the lists of mounts being removed and changed, Time-Lost Proto-Drake has not been mentioned or hinted at on any of them by anything official.

  • You can't skin TLPD.  You can skin Vyragosa.  (appears on both Facts and Falsehoods.)

  • The altitudes per path differ based on the spawn spot and direction. For example, if there is a waterfall spawn it will cross over the frozen lake at roughly 20 yards high. If it spawns from the frozen lake spot it will fly over frozen lake out of sight if you're near the ground almost all the way to where it enters valkryion - if not all the way into valkrion sometimes. Best bet is to stay really high, you can see all the way down - you can't see all the way up.

    Note: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CAMPING DIRECT SPAWN SPOTS. Spawn spots spawn exactly where the images indicate to sit. They do not spawn up in the air above the spots. They spawn halfway in the ground usually, and are not already midair. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. (And on PVP servers, naturally do what you have to do, regarding distance from ground.) 

  • Flight speed is not always constant. Usually it cruises just under normal mount speed, but both vyra and tlpd can fly damn near as fast as 280% speed mounts, at times. Have followed at just faster speed all the way around loops several times. Mostly though, it does travel just below 150% speed mounts. Usually quite easy to catch up with once in sight. But not always.

  • It can and does spawn multiple days in a row. In just ONE week it spawned Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I know for a fact, because one day a prick druid got it, two days two guys who had been out there got theirs, and the saturday I scored my newest tlpd on my Hunter. Conversely it can not spawn for weeks straight.
    - since this was typed, I've seen 3 TLPDs in a row once, 2 in a row several times. 

  • It has the same spawn locations as Vyragosa. Totally random, anyone who says there are hotspots is inexperienced.

  • Time-Lost Proto-Drake, as confirmed by a blue post, does despawn after a period if nobody is able to "catch it."
    - be careful when inviting with CRZ. You can get pulled out of that realm - thus whatever's on you or whatever you're following will not be where you are taken to. makes partying tricky. Be partied up first.
  • TLPD can in fact spawn in the place of Vyragosa at any time Vyragosa can spawn, even if it's the same day.  It has been observed to spawn 5 hours apart.  Not the week+ between I previously thought and have seen reported.  However, it can also be weeks between spawns.  Thus I assume, it being random, it could actually spawn two spawns in a row.  And on the other side, could spawn months inbetween in extreme cases.  I mean, ask people who have ran old strat 600+ times to get rivendare's deathcharger where others get it first drop just happening to be in there.  a 'chance' can be a bitch.

  • After Time-Lost or Vyragosa is killed, it USED TO BE the MINIMUM time before next spawn was 6 hours, with no clear maximum.  We had seen 30+ various times.  Now, post-shattering, the lowest proven time was at/under an hour.  (based on a verified activity stream showing a looted time-forwarded talisman and a helm from vyraone hour apart.  The claimed distance was 45 minutes between.)  However, the lowest I have seen between so far personally is 1 single hour.  

  • If the rare cap in northrend is met (I swear it is 2, others say 3-5), vyra and tlpd (and all other rares for that matter) will not spawn until one or more of the rares that are currently up in northrend are killed.  Here is a map with locations and a flight path for tagging as many as you can find.

    The rare cap is no longer 2 as of 4.1. I checked after the shattering and even 4.0.6 and couldn't locate more than 2 up after hours of looking while parking on 2. After 4.2, I found 6 up at the same time. - Thanks to all of you who contacted with info on tons of rares being up at the same time prompting me to go look at it again. 

  • TLPD does a "blink-like" spell, jumping around you interestingly when fighting, dropping dots.  I learned it can also stun you.  Really annoying for a poorly geared lock holding it for someone to come down it.

  • It will most likely dismount you shortly, so take Snowfall Lager with you, or anything to slow your fall if you're trying to tag it mid-air. Remember before you dismount/get dismounted you stop, so you fall straight down rather than at an angle. Falling slowly at an angle could easily result in losing the mob's aggro/tag.

    NOTE: PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PULL THIS SHIT DOWN PRACTICING ON THE BLUE DRAKES. Don't use any slowfall shit though, truly. Great way to fuck up and go at a 45 degree angle out of range so TLPD/Vyra resets and goes back to it's path. Just practice face-pulling / tagging / whatever you have to do without snowfall lager / slowfall. It's dangerous. Not worth it. 

  • The personally verified spawn spot coordinates and titles we use are
    Frozen Lake . 31,69 . click here for spawn spot images
    Waterfall . 35,76 . click here for spawn spot images
     . 51,70 . click here for spawn spot images
    Ulduar Ravine  . 52,34 . click here for spawn spot images
    [see map below or click here]

  • This map is no longer accurate.  Several patches ago the spawns no longer spawn in small varying ranges at spawn spots and they follow the very much exact same path every single time.  Overlay is pretty much right for the paths they take - assuming they live long enough to get off the ground.

  • The mount speed is 280%.
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