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2021 . 08 . 12

rebranding continues under EMPTY HOPE.



2022 . 05 . 17
blog(s) and all old drama related reposting for lols or anything, scrubbed.  if i really want to get away from drama as i’ve been working on the last few years, i need to purge my old drama.  so it’s gone.  even though the vast majority of what was purged was also soul-dumping.  doesn’t matter.  gone.

2019 . 02 . 24
I have a new blog for whatever the fuck. It used to be theraputic. So I figured, I could use some damn  therapy. So I fired the old wordpress back up on my new M.C. GFY website.  I did it there to force my hand on going forward with that project.

Yep. A third music project. So I have an ever growing number of tracks for SYMPHONY OF NOISE, HATE ALL LISTENERS, and now I’m throwing M.C. GO FUCK YOURSELF right in the mix. The last two are redundant!!?!?! No. They’re not at all.  You’ll see.

2018 . 10 . 25
click here to read a hastily typed out (over two hours wtf) cliffs notes (maybe the best i will manage) of a dream i had earlier this week.

Futile Foto.  Tomorrow.  Start of a long, ongoing, new thing.  One way or another.

2018 . 09 . 03
– relatively massive information update. now i understand why, seeing the latest previous update’s time stamp. well, then.

. continue to post

2017 . 05 . 19 . 03:08
– New section added under Pondiverse – Trilogy called “Human Blood.”

2017 . 03 . 17 . 14:32
– Updated HAL page so it directs to bandcamp for sales.
– Altered the website so it is all done through this blog interface. Not much of a reason to keep it as it was – since this is what I’ve been updating on anyway.

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