A Note on Sales

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I was amazed. I posted the four track EP, self titled HATE ALL LISTENERS. I did it summer 2015. That’s when I posted it. On July 4th to the website, and only to the website. Then on my birthday on September 6th, it hit everything. Spotify, Google Play Store, iBlows err iTunes, everything. I essentially did nothing else. I did some light facebook promotion and paid 20 bucks to get the page some visibility, thus some views. And I walked away. I didn’t promote anywhere. yet, by mid march in 2016, that little four track throw-away project made more money on spotify than Symphony of Noise did from 2010-2016 combined.

A smart man would immediately put out a full album. I am not a smart man. Nor do I have any plans for a full album. The only plan I have, is Symphony of Noise songs that evolve into something too painful to fit into the SoN catalog, will be altered to appear on the first HATE ALL LISTENERS album.

I’m sure the first full LP will be done by the end of 2017. Though maybe not. I just know there’s no way I see it happening this year.

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