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The first long form story I ever wrote was called Human Blood.  It was about a group of friends who got recruited by angelic forces to go up against an evil force that was about to reach great powers on earth. It had a cliffhanger type ending I was proud of.

The original idea was to be in three parts.

The Beginning and First Encounters
The rise of the full evil form, followed by chaos.
The final destruction of the evil form.

The problem I always had though, was how the second and third would be split.  And actually, a much bigger problem, I wanted a huge amount of backstory on a few of the characters on the good side of things.  I had a lot of it in my head, but none on text.

The first draft was 46 pages. It wasn’t much, but it was just a scribbled down idea of what was in my head. When I went to rewrite it, the first 4 words turned into 64. A describing what was in my head at the time I wrote it. This was such an expansion, it scared me. There were sentences I knew would turn into various paragraphs because of how thin I ran through things that first pass. This was before I added multiple layers of character development and whole chapters of new scenes fleshing things out.

So, after the 4 words turned into 64, I set it down and never picked it up again. In fact, I don’t have the actual first draft anymore in any form. I loaned it to somebody after a very embarrassing day. Summer doesn’t even remember the day, much less any notebook or anything that was written in it. Probably for the better.

Off and on since that period in the late 90s, it’s been running around my brain from time to time. The other night I was thinking about it so much, I had to jot down possible plot structure for 3 books. I shifted the 2nd and 3rd from before into just the 3rd, put the 1st as the 2nd, and have a lot of back history and buildup in the first. now it makes sense, where before it was almost entirely questions.

So, since work is shifted that way, I’m adding it to the framework here.
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