Domestic Terrorism

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I’m not too clear on who I was traveling with. But we arrived to the property in the early morning hours.  The
property consisted of a central area for gathering and feasting, and several two to three story houses.

After getting our things settled into the room we were staying in, I talked to some of the residents and visitors who were there before heading outside to look around. I was aware we were on the border of town and across the street was a large field they were recording a native american movie in. There were sections made to look like a battle had taken place, some that looked like a battle was going to take place, and various camp scenes spread around.

I looked up and saw a light grey helicopter fly over with four other aircraft flying around it.  The helicopter was in the center and it looked like a predator drone was in front of it to the right. Another similar drone in front to the left, an F35 behind and to the right and an armed aircraft that looked like a mix of an A10 and a predator drone behind and to the left.  The group flew by then out of sight around buildings to the northeast. I could hear them, or so I thought, and reached in my pocket for my phone.  They flew over again, or maybe it was a different set as one of the two aircraft in back was clearly an F-111 ardvark.  All aircraft I saw were painted the same light grey / dirty white. The ardvark broke off from the rest and flew off to the left so I focused on that while recording.

I watched as the plane, with a gas tank under each wing and a bomb affixed under the plane at center rear, banked harder and harder. It started losing altitude fast and, while my phone was zoomed in as far as it could, watched on my screen as it was diving diagonally at a 45 degree angle.  I saw it disappear behind some large, distant, concrete bunker looking structures.  I lowered my phone wondering if i just saw a crash about a split second before I saw what looked like pyroclastic flow and explosive blast rising and flowing up and away from the crash site.

I threw my phone back in my pocket and hurried back inside.  Nobody seemed to take notice to anything strange going on.  I went upstairs to a small living room type area off of the room we were staying in. Nothing was going on at first until a guy called a couple others over to the TV he was watching.  I walked over to watch a news report about a tank that had been blown up in a seeming terrorist attack on a military base.  They showed video of a huge crater that looks like should be the location of one building, with multiple buildings around it heavily damaged and burning.  A bunch of vehicles and stacks of crates were sitting around on fire, also.

I asked where it was and one of the guys raised his arm up to point in the direction I saw the plane crash and said the name of the base which I now forget. I explained I saw a plane crash there, and what else I had seen. The guys blinked at me in disbelief.  One asked if he thought I could be mistaken and I explained I had watched for a few seconds before I actually walked away, more than enough for a plane that size to rise back up into view.  And with the angle of descent, it was probably impossible for it to pull up without crashing anyway.

I went to show the video but my phone was about dead so I went to find a place to plug it in. After ten minutes or so of walking around and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations, which were filled with people talking about the tank turned bomb terrorist attack across town, I went back to grab my phone.  I have a turbo charger that came with my phone that gives a few hour charge after just ten minutes.  As I was going through my photos and videos to find the recording to show the guy who tagged on behind me, knowing I was going to get my phone, my kid woke me up.

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