What The Future Holds

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Here are the upcoming projects for Symphony of Noise.  However, there is no time table. It could be this year. It could be in 2020.

This will be a four disc album. It will have vocals on almost every track, and will have four topics.

The disc about Religion will effectively replace what was once going to be God Is Void. This will be a Rock, Guitar driven, album.

The disc about Humanity will effectively replace the disc which I was previously working on that I restarted and re-envisioned called The River of Piss. This will be a Hip Hop / Rap / Gangsta Rap feeling album.

Nature will be a disc created with an idea I’ve had for years regarding how to do a concept album. This will be a sort of hybrid between Industrial, Atmospheric, Electronic, Techno, type… album. I’m sure you follow.

Politics is essentially written already and half of the tracks are fundamentally completed. This will be an album that is a mix of Soul / Jazz / Funk with some Dubstep aspects.  Though so far none of it, in my opinion, is on par with the inspiration for the sound – Watch The Duck. But I’m trying.

An album that is separate from the above that is and will continue to be in the works, and will come before 4nh, is Infinite Machine. Vent 8.  I am drawing from my own life and self destructive aspects to put this together.  It is already written lyrically and slowly being pieced together.

I hope to have more to post before the end of summer.

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