A Letter

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Dearest Sister,

I want you to know that I am responsible for your bills and credit cards being credited to a zero balance from time to time over the last 10 years. I haven’t been a good brother. After dad died and I left, I had an interesting life. I never stopped caring about you.

I did the job on your first husband’s car. I’ve been keeping an eye out and found out he had been striking you more often as weeks and months passed. Once I learned you went into the hospital, I came out and did it. I found the point on his path to work and set his brakes to fail going down that hill by the curve. I gambled the life of oncoming traffic, but got lucky with only him taking the hit.

I’m sorry how bad that hit you, even though he was being a terrible human. I thought you would be happy to finally be free. Your son seemed to begin developing normally after that, so I can only assume he was being abused as well.

I also am the cause for your boss at the insurance company being found in the alley downtown. I monitored communications in your building and could see how stressful he made life for everyone at his own benefit. The people above him hated him and loved you. I knew if he died, they would instantly throw the whole building at you and give you what he was making. I also knew you would be a far better leader than he was.  I just wish they paid you more. I know times get tough, even with a better salary.

Things are going to get bad in this country, and I have arranged for you to be able to live somewhere safe.  Only if you choose to. And if you choose to, it will all be taken care of. Don’t worry about it.  I know it sounds strange, but it will make sense soon enough.

Sorry I couldn’t see you again.

Love always,

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About James

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I was asked recently how old James is. He’s 25. Here’s some timeline for him, involving the book.

From 16-17 he worked fast food. He had a second job as a stock boy at a grocery store. At 17, he met someone who worked in a distribution center. He went there from 17-23. He butted heads with somebody and quit.

23-25, he worked at Toys R Us. Then, the story starts. I suppose he has to have turned 26 in the story at some point but I did not find it important enough to comment on.  In my opinion, it’s quite meaningless in the story.

The reason he lived with his grandpa is because he got in a huge fight with his mom, and left at 18. Other living arrangements didn’t work out and he ended up at his grandpa’s because he helps them with errands from time to time and isn’t home enough to be much of a bother, anyway.

I couldn’t write Grandpa or Grandma’s reaction about the truck because the rage was off the scale and it hurt my heart writing the grandparents in that light.

Part of why some things, like the grandparents’ reaction, didn’t get written, is because the book moved so fast from the time that happened, through the partying, the transition and the training before returning to the surface. I wanted it to reflect how life is. Things happen and before you know it, looking back, a lot of stuff just didn’t get said or done because everything happened too fast.

Sometimes you only see or remember things in retrospect, which I also didn’t give the character time to do. Once he started his job in Arizona his life was so completely packed with taking care of business at work, trying not to be a failure, that nothing else could really be added or thought about. That includes his time with Isobel, overall. And just as he started getting a lot more time with her, either everything would pick back up, or the ending happened. That’s life, sometimes.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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I came to comment on the dumb fucking “A vote for X is a vote for Y” guilt trip nonsense but saw my previous post nailed that better than I was even thinking. Forgot I did that, I guess.

Setting aside the sad probability based on pretty much everything I’ve seen that Jill Stein and Johnson will be taking 3rd/4th place, whichever is which, that still leaves Trump or Clinton taking 1st or 2nd place. Things I hate about each:

She sounds awesome, based on talking points she lifted from Bernie. Some Bernie fans talk about how he got things he wanted put in the plan. I’ve seen too much just since I’ve started paying attention to current and past events since/prior to 2003 to buy that. It all looks like a poorly disguised ploy to get his voters to vote for her. And many are. Words out there claim “most” went to Stein. But those people aren’t paying attention. I wish I wasn’t paying attention.

She has been a conservative her whole life, based on actions. The one I point out because it was the most damaging by far to a whole swath of the electorate she’s courting – DOMA.
She was given a Full Flop by politifact on the issue.
She claimed DOMA was a “defensive action” to stop a full ban.  You know, by making it so they couldn’t by the wording of law defining it as man+woman.
In 2004, still, and until 2013, was regularly on video saying crap like this.

Beyond that, you have watergate, emails which I used to defend her on until so many leaks came out about brazenly sharing classified shit. Benghazi though, still the various panels who shot down requests for increased security’s fault. Republican majority, imagine that.

Then you have the guy who raped a kid she got off of the charges. Everybody, I’m sure, has heard that a thousand times now. She threatens China and Russia with war, threatens North Korea with war, Iran, Syria, all with invasions. Arguably, already had a hand in war expanding vastly in Syria. Had a hand and even joked about Gadaffi getting killed by shit she was involved with. There’s so much more but it actually turns my stomach as I type this.

No but she’s super fucking progressive. Yeah, she is. Vote for her. (sarcasm.)

I recall seeing video of her giving speeches pushing it, but can never find them when I’m writing something like this.  Isn’t that how it goes? My life is full of bookmarking things for video games and audio production, writing, some other things. I wish I was better about keeping shit around I could use in blogging.  I suck. You can rightfully slap me around textually for not being good at that.  This is 10th string for me, but it is mostly therapeutic. Not a job, nor really even a hobby.  I have no excuse.


Then we have Trump. Who essentially would have been as rich as he is estimated to be today (only a couple billion, as opposed to his much higher, regular claims) – if he had just invested the money and sat in a chair doing nothing.  Not so much as the 8 billion Occupy Democrats claimed, as is very unlikely. Still, 2 billion is nice.

He claims to be self funding. He says this a lot, and so many times he says it… at a podium… that has a number to text TRUMP to, to donate. And his fucking fans love saying it repeatedly. Self funding. While actively displaying a way for people to donate. Yeah.

He claims he is anti-establishment. Which establishment? They claim he’s anti-Republican establishment. Oh yeah? No. Not when you’re surrounded by establishment Republicans. So that’s clearly bullshit. You can’t say you’re vegan, sitting at a table full of various meats and eating them while you’re claiming it. Words don’t mean shit when they’re buried in actions to the contrary (Looking at you, too, Clinton.) Pence? If he was anti-establishment, wouldn’t he have picked someone who wasn’t the poster boy for establishment republicanism? Moving on.

He gives no details in speeches. Even when he “does” he doesn’t actually say anything. He just says these huge statements and doesn’t even hint at how, other than he’ll have the best people on it, blah blah.

When you analyze what’s actually on his website, it falls apart quickly. His tax plan, while fuck yeah lets drop all our taxes like crazy, and vastly increase what we can claim for deductions so we pretty much don’t pay taxes anyway. It’s nonsense. at a time when the debt is skyrocketing, it would take trillions out of the government coffers.  If you think that’s a good thing, well, grats on being criminally ignorant on what is needed to take care of the debt many trump fans love screaming about Obama’s administration multiplying.

And fuck his mouth, who’s surprised he said that shit about women with all the things he’s said publicly on national television over the years? No shit? He grabs crotches of random women? Really? So surprised. Of course he does. He’s a big mouthed dumb shit. This comes with the territory of people who don’t know what they’re talking about nor care to, but refuse to stop talking. They do what they want, they don’t give a fuck about consequences.

Some will say, who cares, he’ll be entertaining. Sure. Like a dumb ass movie. Only he’ll be the top human in the government. Some say, Pence will run stuff. You know, like Cheney clearly was doing if anybody watched the president and vice president debates in 2004. Bush repeated a bunch of talking points and no details, and Cheney was rambling off details on topics off the top of his head naturally.

He’ll still be the top human in the government.

If Stein and Johnson weren’t running and there weren’t even third party people on the ballot, I still wouldn’t have voted for Trump or Clinton. I would have done what I did in 2000 when I wanted to vote but thought every single person on the ballot was a waste of oxygen. I wrote in George Carlin.  This time, though, I would have wrote in Lewis Black.

Either way, we’re pretty stunningly fucked.

Elections 2016

I tried watching the VP debate this morning. I made it half way through. I expected Pence to be the biggest clown of the two cancer following clowns. I was wrong. When Kaine said “now we’re even!” regarding pence being reprimanded for interrupting, I laughed. No, Kaine, for Pence to be even, he would have had to interrupted you however many dozen times you interrupted him. Head from Ass remover, aisle Debates.

If I had to call a winner and a loser in that debate, I would start with loser. The loser is clearly America. We lose. Winner? Pence, probably. He held his composure better, and told his lies with the straightest face. But they’re both cancer, standing behind bigger cancer.

I only made it half way through the Presidential Debates, too. Who was the winner in that one? The guy moderating. He won that. He seemed the most composed, he did the best job. The other two were fucktards and lied with gusto. They made me cringe multiple times each.

Now, for those of you wondering why I hate both candidates when those are our choices? No, those are not our only choices. And if you’re thinking a vote for _____ is every bit as good as a vote for _____” know thatif I could I would reach through the screen and pop you right in the mouth.

A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump.
A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary.
A vote for Stein is a vote for Stein.
A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson.

The electoral college does not alter your votes. Your votes are still applied to who you voted for. If you write in, in a state that doesn’t allow it, it will not get counted. That’s the end of that. It doesn’t magically get moved into whatever arbitrary column based on the last person you heard tell you a vote for the cookie monster is a vote for Trump. or a vote for the flying spaghetti monster is a vote for clinton. that’s not how it works. You vote for somebody and that vote goes to them, or it doesn’t stick because of whatever laws for your area.

The electoral college casts their own votes based on whatever the fuck they want. They’re supposed to go off of their constituents at the time of their casting, to the best of their knowledge. But through various digging, there are plenty of cases where they do what they want. Sure, not in huge margins, but definitely in election altering margins.

So, vote for who you want. Vote for who you like. Vote for who you think is the best. Even if it’s vermin supreme. Can’t vote for Deez Nuts, he’s not old enough.

Here’s an example of conscience. I voted for Obama. Twice. I’ll admit it. And I stand by it. He was less destructive (though absolutely destructive.) I knew he was a left leaning republican. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. He supported NAFTA. That was a republican baby. This government is run by corporations, and he’s always been in their pocket. The way corporate entities act has historically been the conservative side of things allowing it. Thus my using the republican tag as currently the most conservative bunch rest over on the republican side of things.

Now, every time Obama did something fucking stupid, I felt guilty about it. Why? I threw a vote in his column. I’m partially responsible. Without votes, he doesn’t win. Period. When he did the republican shit right after getting in office (doubling nuclear spending, signing through the second big bailout) – that was on me and everyone else who voted for him.

I’ll tell you who it wasn’t on. It wasn’t on anyone who voted for ron paul. It wasn’t on anyone who voted for McCain or Romney. It wasn’t on anyone who still wrote in Clinton or anybody else. It was on me and everyone who actually voted for him.

Now, some people out there might be saying BUT THERE IS FRAUD. Sure. This is accurate. There will always be fraud as long as humans are involved with it. That’s not going to change. As long as we don’t have a way to check that our votes were applied properly, during and after the fact (which is absolutely, easily possible) – that’s always going to be the case. But even with that, the system is not designed for votes to be moved around. The system is, you vote for who you want. The person with the most votes (in presidential case, electoral) wins. Period.

So next time you blurt out “a vote for Johnson is as good as a vote for Clinton,” or “A vote for Stein is as good as a vote for Trump,” know that hundreds of thousands of us are having mental ticks, and wishing we could upper cut you for repeating nonsense that hurts more than it helps. It hurts us, it hurts you, it helps nothing. Fuck you right in the mouth for repeatedly saying it – and not once have I seen it where I went down their visible feed, have I not seen it said by them multiple other times.

Now, for the vote check system I eluded to earlier, here’s how it is absolutely, easily possible.

1) all votes end up in an electronic system with a web view (PC or Cell, either way.)
2) as always, you have your account set up before hand or have the ability to do so (with your SS# as your key, as well as some other bullet points possible to be able to verify your identity.)
3) you log in from any internet connection on election day (which needs to be a holiday. quit fucking around.) – and you vote.
4) you receive a random code. if you are voting in person somewhere and someone else is inputting it for you, you receive a printout with this code. also, if you mail in a ballot, you are mailed back a code (or emailed if you have that set up, or called, whatever you choose.)
5) as the election happens and votes come in, the web interface is updated with the votes cast (along with totals.)
6) a 100% complete accounting of all votes is view-able by everybody, everywhere. still a secret ballot, because nobody will have their names listed, only their codes they were given after voting. this way, we can all look and verify our votes were applied to who we intended to vote for.
7) once your vote is on the final list, everybody has the option (and i would argue, the responsibility) to confirm that was their vote, thus placing a green checkmark in the column next to it.

not. hard.