A Letter

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Dearest Sister,

I want you to know that I am responsible for your bills and credit cards being credited to a zero balance from time to time over the last 10 years. I haven’t been a good brother. After dad died and I left, I had an interesting life. I never stopped caring about you.

I did the job on your first husband’s car. I’ve been keeping an eye out and found out he had been striking you more often as weeks and months passed. Once I learned you went into the hospital, I came out and did it. I found the point on his path to work and set his brakes to fail going down that hill by the curve. I gambled the life of oncoming traffic, but got lucky with only him taking the hit.

I’m sorry how bad that hit you, even though he was being a terrible human. I thought you would be happy to finally be free. Your son seemed to begin developing normally after that, so I can only assume he was being abused as well.

I also am the cause for your boss at the insurance company being found in the alley downtown. I monitored communications in your building and could see how stressful he made life for everyone at his own benefit. The people above him hated him and loved you. I knew if he died, they would instantly throw the whole building at you and give you what he was making. I also knew you would be a far better leader than he was.  I just wish they paid you more. I know times get tough, even with a better salary.

Things are going to get bad in this country, and I have arranged for you to be able to live somewhere safe.  Only if you choose to. And if you choose to, it will all be taken care of. Don’t worry about it.  I know it sounds strange, but it will make sense soon enough.

Sorry I couldn’t see you again.

Love always,

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