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I was asked recently how old James is. He’s 25. Here’s some timeline for him, involving the book.

From 16-17 he worked fast food. He had a second job as a stock boy at a grocery store. At 17, he met someone who worked in a distribution center. He went there from 17-23. He butted heads with somebody and quit.

23-25, he worked at Toys R Us. Then, the story starts. I suppose he has to have turned 26 in the story at some point but I did not find it important enough to comment on.  In my opinion, it’s quite meaningless in the story.

The reason he lived with his grandpa is because he got in a huge fight with his mom, and left at 18. Other living arrangements didn’t work out and he ended up at his grandpa’s because he helps them with errands from time to time and isn’t home enough to be much of a bother, anyway.

I couldn’t write Grandpa or Grandma’s reaction about the truck because the rage was off the scale and it hurt my heart writing the grandparents in that light.

Part of why some things, like the grandparents’ reaction, didn’t get written, is because the book moved so fast from the time that happened, through the partying, the transition and the training before returning to the surface. I wanted it to reflect how life is. Things happen and before you know it, looking back, a lot of stuff just didn’t get said or done because everything happened too fast.

Sometimes you only see or remember things in retrospect, which I also didn’t give the character time to do. Once he started his job in Arizona his life was so completely packed with taking care of business at work, trying not to be a failure, that nothing else could really be added or thought about. That includes his time with Isobel, overall. And just as he started getting a lot more time with her, either everything would pick back up, or the ending happened. That’s life, sometimes.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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